Why Water Worx for Senior Living

Why Water Worx for Senior Living


with Patrick Hald, Director of Business Development at HydroWorx

The session is designed to inform the participant of the benefits of Aquatic Therapy and Wellness to increase Therapy billing through increased RUG scores, implement Falls Reduction Programming for at risk residents and how average length of stays in Independent Living and Assisted Living can be increased.

We will explore the various opportunities to utilize water and HydroWorx underwater treadmill technology to improve the quality of lives for residents of Senior Living while providing a profitable amenity to for the facility owner.

Following this presentation viewers will be able to:

  • Recognize the opportunities available for falls reduction program.
  • Determine the financial impact aquatic therapy will have on the participant’s facility.
  • Identify ways that average length of stay can be increased in Independent Living and Assisted Living facilities using falls reduction and wellness programs.

    Patrick Hald has 23+ years of experience in the Fitness and Wellness Industry, currently as Director of Business Development for HydroWorx and formerly as President of the International Council on Active Aging and President and COO of FreeMotion Fitness. Patrick is extremely passionate about helping older adults recover from illness and injury and maintain function levels to retain independence, dignity and quality of life. While we cannot necessarily increase life span we can increase the quality of life for the span of one’s life and water can play an integral role.

    On a continual quest for information and education Hald feels warm water therapy and wellness is underutilized in Senior Living and Senior Services and is the ideal intervention tool for injury, illness, falls risk and functional decline.