Facility Spotlight: CSU Expands Athletic Training Room

Facility Spotlight: CSU Expands Athletic Training Room

This week’s facility spotlight is about the newly expanded athletic training facility for Colorado State University located in Fort Collins, CO.

Colorado State University was originally founded as the “Colorado Agricultural College” in 1870 and is now among the nation’s leading research universities. CSU has about 22,500 undergraduate students, 3,600 graduate students and 550 professional veterinary medicine students. Not only does this school have a great deal to offer in terms of academics and extra-curricular activities, but it is located in an amazing part of the country. CSU is located in Fort Collins, CO and sits on nearly 5,000 acres of land. That land includes the main campus, foothills campus, an agricultural campus and a mountain campus. Additionally CSU has 4,600 acres for research centers and state forest services stations.

One of the many buildings that sits on those 5,000 acres is the athletic training facility. Recently, CSU posted a video tour, led by Athletic Trainer Terry DeZeeuw, where he highlights the expansion of the athletic training room. The expansion nearly doubled the size of the room, which is now 13,000 square feet. Included in this newly renovated athletic training facility are two HydroWorx PolarPlunge pools, one ThermalPlunge pool and one 2000 Series pool with a fully adjustable underwater treadmill. (All of which are shown in the video) The plunge pools, according to DeZeeuw, are going to be extremely helpful to all athletes for their recovery processes.

“There’s a lot more more space for trainers to work with athletes rehabilitating injuries, more tables for trainers to tape ankles before practices or for athletes to lie on afterward while icing sore knees. But the biggest improvement, DeZeeuw said, is the new hydrotherapy room, which includes a pool with a treadmill across the bottom with a height adjustment that allows trainers to put athletes in the water for rehab exercises at various depths.”

“We can put somebody at any specified depth (in the pool), do 50 percent weight-bearing, 75 percent, 25 percent weight-bearing exercises, agilities, plyometrics at a very early stage in the recovery process, so we can start functional activity from a rehab standpoint a lot sooner.” DeZeeuw, Head Athletic Trainer for CSU

This beautiful facility will be and is available for all 16 of Colorado State University’s varsity sport programs. We are very proud to be a part of this wonderful school and program!

Watch the video tour today!


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