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Educating consumers on the value of water therapy and exercise is a top priority for us at HydroWorx. We continually offer multiple ways including webinars and webcasts for you to learn more about aquatic therapy.

  • Webinars are defined as web-based seminars: a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the web.
  • Webcasts are a media presentations distributed over the internet using a live video stream from a HydroWorx pool.

Please view all of our upcoming webinars and webcasts below for more detailed information and registration links.


Browse Research Studies Online

Looking to go a little deeper into the evidence that supports rehabilitation and sports conditioning in HydroWorx pools? Browse our online library of research studies to see results from clinical trials conducted at some of the world's leading institutions. These studies not only demonstrate the effectiveness of incorporating aquatics into a rehabilitation or training regimen, but they have also guided the development of our products and allowed us to further refine the features and functionality of our pools.

We also have a large library of video case studies that can be accessed at any time. Covering diverse topics ranging from the treatment of specific conditions to the maintenance and marketing of your pool, our informative videos are an excellent place to begin researching a potential purchase.

Call Today for More Information

A HydroWorx pool is an excellent addition to any sports medicine or rehabilitation facility. Whether you already offer aquatics to your clients or not, you can benefit from HydroWorx pool's advanced features and sophisticated engineering.

To request a free informational DVD, call HydroWorx at 800.753.9633 or use our Contact Us form. We also regularly host product demo sessions at locations throughout the country. If you decide to purchase a pool, we'll even refund up to $500 of your flight or other travel expenses when you try the product.