Acute Spinal Cord Injury

L3 Vertebral Damage and Paralysis

Ken Evans awoke from a nine-hour spinal fusion surgery unable to move or feel his legs from the hips down.  A blood clot at his L3 vertebra had caused his parapalegia.  After 42 days in the hospital, he was able to show progress by gingerly using a walker for locomotion.  Striving for further rehabilitation, Ken sought out Jan Black and Dr. Dale Hull at Neuroworx, in South Jordan, Utah.  Through tireless effort and dedication in the HydroWorx pool, Ken has achieved levels of fitness and wellness that allow him to teach ski lessons again.

    T4 Vertebral Damage and Paralysis

    Brock Butterfield's legs were paralyzed after he suffered a T4 compaction fracture while dirt biking.  After three months of treatment at Neuroworx, in South Jordan, Utah, Brock has progressed significantly.  Due to his hard work and positivity, he can now walk independently in the HydroWorx pool.

      T12, L1 Vertebral Damage and Paralysis

      Kim Walton suffered a complete T12 and L1 spinal cord injury when her bike was hit by a car.  She came to Neuroworx, in South Jordan, Utah to receive locomotor training, which is a process of teaching paralyzed patients to walk again through sensory cues at the lower extremities.  Much of Kim's ground-breaking locomotor training is done in Neuroworx's HydroWorx pool.