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Part of our mission at HydroWorx is to promote the benefits of aquatic exercise and therapy in the sports medicine and rehabilitation industries. To do that, we offer a number of free educational resources our clients can use to expand their facility and grow their business.

Our Video Library is a free compendium of case studies that are organized by body part and condition; the videos within will assist and educate anyone seeking to tailor an effective, aquatic physical therapy or exercise program. Customers can view HydroWorx's helpful maintenance and service videos as well.

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Orthopedic Conditions
Back & Spine Conditions
Chronic Pain & Arthritis
Neurological Conditions
Cardiovascular Conditions
Aquatics Class
Weight Loss
Sports Performance
Pediatric Conditions
Research Labs & Studies
Business Plan Ideas
Amazing Patient Stories
Facility Tours
Control System Technology
Maintenance & Service
Underwater Treadmill Programming
Additional Resources

Here's a sample of what you'll see in the aquatic VIDEO LIBRARY.

Other Resources

Our research library contains case studies and white papers that demonstrate the benefits of HydroWorx pools in a number of different applications. Our ongoing webinar series covers a range of relevant topics, from results of the latest clinical studies to tips for keeping your clinic profitable in a tough economy. Visit our Webinar page to view upcoming events and book your spot.

Call for Your Free Demo

Our videos, webinars and positive customer testimonials only tell part of the story. To truly experience the quality, innovation and value of our products, we recommend trying them out in person. We host regular demo events around the country and can even arrange a private test session.

If you decide to purchase a HydroWorx product, we’ll even refund up to $500 of your travel expenses when you try the product. Find out more about upcoming events in your area by calling our office, or filling out a Contact Us form online today.