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Innovative Design Meets Flexible Installation

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With the full lineup of HydroWorx in-ground and above ground therapy pools, design possibilities are endless. Since 1998 we've been providing physical therapy clinics, senior living facilities, athletic departments and more with aquatic therapy devices tailored to fit their needs. If you're considering an in-ground or above ground therapy pool for your facility, our design services team is ready to help you choose the design and setup that's right for you.

The Power of Flexible Installation

Inside, outside, above-ground or below—the versatility of the HydroWorx pool allows a sports or healthcare professional to have a therapy pool installed virtually anywhere.

above ground therapy pool

When it comes to the location of your HydroWorx pool, you're limited only by your imagination. Most of our pools are free-standing units, and many can be installed even where existing pools are located. Other models can be taken into an existing building through a standard door.

Many of our products require minimal construction and can be easily moved from location to location—perfect to accommodate the growth of your clinic or for professionals operating in leased space.

The HydroWorx Difference

Unlike other in-ground and above ground therapy pools, the effectiveness of HydroWorx pools are supported by years of clinical research. Our pools are proven to provide low-impact cardiovascular exercise, muscle strengthening and muscle regeneration with deep-tissue massage. Whether your clients are top-tier athletes, senior citizens or individuals in need of rehab or training, there's a HydroWorx pool that can meet their needs precisely.

Who Uses HydroWorx In-ground and Above Ground Therapy Pools?

HydroWorx has provided in-ground and above ground therapy pools to a diverse number of clients with various therapy and training needs. Here's how HydroWorx is helping people in different ways:

  • Healthcare: Patients with orthopedic or chronic conditions, or those recently recovering from surgery and illness, can all benefit from a HydroWorx pool. Hospitals and independent clinics depend on our pools to improve patient outcomes.
  • Sports: From sports medicine clinics to college and professional athletics programs, HydroWorx in-ground and above ground therapy pools are helping athletes stay in top physical condition. HydroWorx pools have been clinically proven to build lean muscle mass and improve cardiovascular function in a low-impact environment. HydroWorx pools also speed up recovery, creating a natural bridge between rehabilitation therapy and a return to training.
  • Senior Living: For older adults, our in-ground and above ground therapy pools promote regular activity without the risk of falls or other injuries. Research from the University of Utah shows that aging patients who consistently exercise on an underwater treadmill improve flexibility, sleep patterns and joint pain which helps residents of senior living centers remain independent longer.
  • Military: For veterans, or those training to return to active duty, low impact exercise with a HydroWorx pool is an essential component of many therapy regimes. Our pools have been used by NASA, the Hanover Army Base and the Naval Special Warfare Group 4, among others, to help troops remain in the peak physical condition required to protect our country.
  • We offer full client support for marketing to help you get the best return on your investment. Contact us today to learn how your practice can enjoy the many benefits of our therapy pools for as little as $899 a month.

Indoor Above Ground Pool Indoor Above Ground Pool Using Standard Doorways
Partial In-Ground and Above Ground Pool Indoor Partial In-Ground Pool And Above Ground Pool
Indoor In-Ground Pool Indoor In-Ground Pool