The Fastest Rehab. Superior Conditioning.

After any type of injury or surgery, increasing your patient or athlete's mobility while still maintaining conditioning is a top priority. By taking advantage of the body's buoyancy in water, HydroWorx's advanced technology eliminates 20% to 100% of a person's bodyweight. As a result, patients or athletes who are unable to exercise on land can achieve immediate rehabilitative results while carrying as little as 0% of their bodyweight underwater.

In addition, hydrostatic pressure, water temperature and resistance combine to enhance cardiovascular stamina, muscle strength, and flexibility and drive early range of motion gains during rehab. Gait training in a low-impact environment allows for earlier replication of proper ambulatory biomechanics and reduces the accumulated damage of land exercise. Read below to learn why HydroWorx's technology is your best choice for the fastest rehab and gravity free conditioning of your patients and athletes.

Research and Education

HydroWorx is proud to be the only hydrotherapy and conditioning pool company in the World who makes research a top priority. We strive to provide you with recently published research and training protocols concerning water therapy and exercise on a regular basis so you are always at the top of your game

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Elite Customers

Would it be helpful to be associated with and learn from the best clinicians, doctors and wellness experts? Owning a HydroWorx pool opens the door to our vast worldwide network of aquatic therapy experts to help accelerate your knowledge and rehabilitation and athletic performance outcomes.

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World Class Service

We believe service is the key to a great customer experience and we stand by our customers like no other manufacturer in the World. We are rare in that we service our products with our own highly trained technical staff ensuring long-term customer satisfaction for you.

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Upgrades & Replacements

Your peers have chosen HydroWorx pool over less advanced products time and time again. We are regularly asked to have fully functioning pools removed and replaced with HydroWorx technology. It pays to find out why is it so important to the World's top clinicians and coaches to have HydroWorx in their world class facilities.

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