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Underwater TreadmillHydroWorx’s patented underwater treadmill is revolutionizing physical therapy, sports medicine and fitness training. This proprietary feature comes standard in all of our pools.  The powered underwater treadmills are integrated into the pool floor and feature a polished stainless steel frame that is professionally welded for durability and safety. Our endless rubberized treadmill belts offer excellent traction and may be utilized with bare feet or shoes.

These aquatic treadmills smoothly accelerate from .1 up to 8.5 miles per hour and allow the user to correctly simulate land-based walking, running or sports-specific activities but without the bodyweight and joint impact one experiences on land. Exercises such as walking, retro-walking, sprinting, shuffling, back-pedaling and plyometric activities are easily performed on the large, cushioned treadmill surface. Walking, running and exercising underwater has never been easier.

To find out more about our built in underwater treadmills, portable underwater treadmills or hydrotherapy pools contact us for a free pool information kit and DVD.

Benefits of Underwater Treadmill Training

  • Promotes early range of motion
  • Early initiation of gait training in low impact environment
  • Replicates the proper biomechanics of land-based movements
  • Improved cardiovascular stamina
  • Increased flexibility
  • Muscle toning
  • Increased healing and strengthening of injured tissue
  • Ability to perform a wide range of plyometrics
  • Reduces blood pressure levels
  • Reduces joint stiffness
Portable Water Treadmill

Who Can Benefit From Underwater Treadmill Training?

Underwater treadmills are one of the most universal features of the HydroWorx family of products. Virtually all aquatic therapy or exercise programs will include some component that uses a hydro treadmill. Each of our core groups ofAll of our customers — and their respective clients — can realize immediate benefits by incorporating water treadmill training into their practice:

  • Physical therapists Hospitals and Physical Therapy Clinics : Hydro treadmill therapy is ideal for recovery from surgery or injury, for patients with orthopedic or chronic conditions, or for the obese or mobility-challenged. HydroWorx underwater treadmills have been clinically proven to decrease recovery time from surgery, ease pressure on joints, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and lower a patient's perception of effort.
  • Senior Lliving facilities: Many aging adults find land-based exercise too high-impactpainful to do on a regular basis. A HydroWorx pool with an aqua treadmill makes it easy for residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities or other continuing care retirement communities to exercise regularly without the risk of falls or the muscle or joint stress associated with land-based activities. Regular exercise can increase lean body mass and improve mood, sleep patterns, and overall physical and mental fitness in older adults.
  • Athletic trainers Sports Medicine and Athletic Training facilities: Whether used for recovery or as part of a regular exercise routine, underwater treadmills are an important ally for those who train elite athletes. HydroWorx water treadmills can be adjusted to produce an intense cardio workout that limits the risk of injury. A number of elite athletes — including Olympians Michael Johnson and silver medalist Galen Rupp — rely on HydroWorx underwater treadmills as part of their regular training.