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HydroWorx develops and manufactures aquatic therapy pools near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The entrepreneurial business consists of passionate people committed to innovating and servicing products that improve the lives of patients and athletes throughout the world. Here is our story ...

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It's 1969. At thirteen years of age, while tossing a medicine ball at his school, Paul Hetrick violently struck his head on a porcelain water fountain. As a result, his brain swelled and his balance and muscle control were affected. Hetrick was confined to a wheelchair, having lost the use of his legs.

The medical community was surprised when the young Hetrick recovered nine months later, largely by rehabbing in a pool at the local Hummelstown, PA Swim Club.

Flash forward to the spring of 1987. Dr. Paul Hetrick witnesses an underwater treadmill contraption at a local horse track. Hetrick's reaction to the horse treadmill was immediate and purposeful—he planned to employ this radical technology for his human patients but with key improvements to the design. He had been searching for new ways to rehabilitate his patients for years.

On Hetrick's urging and a handshake deal, he and the horse trainer set to work, tinkering on weekends at the trainer's shop in New Jersey. Ultimately, the pair developed a highly functional aquatic therapy machine that was installed at Hetrick's rehabilitation facility in Middletown, PA. It was the first of many versions of the HydroWorx prototype.

The Genesis

The first prototype being constructed in a barn in New Jersey.

The Genesis

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