Willis-Knighton Health System Maintains Its Lofty Standards with HydroWorx

Willis-Knighton Health System Maintains Its Lofty Standards with HydroWorx

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Willis-Knighton Health System Maintains Its Lofty Standards with HydroWorx                                                                          Healthcare Leader Includes Two HydroWorx Pools in Its Newest Facility

Middletown, PA
-James K. Elrod, President and CEO of Willis-Knighton Health System, announced the opening of the WK Bossier Medical Pavilion, in Bossier City, LA.  The new facility provides more than 145000 square feet of space for physician offices as well as outpatient support services. Construction of the building represents a $20 million investment in materials and equipment. The construction project was completed in 15 months; it enhances and expands healthcare services available on the campus of the Bossier facility which opened in 1996.

This phenomenal healthcare facility features its Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation Clinic on the first floor.  It provides the public with an extensive array of physical medicine specialties for joint and muscle disorders, sports injuries as well as alternative and complementary therapies, including those that address women’s health issues.  Rehabilitation services are accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

The clinic houses two state-of-the-art HydroWorx pools—a 500 Series and a 1200 Series for advanced aquatic physical therapy.

Research at Texas A&M and the University of Idaho has proven the effectiveness of hydrotherapy; not only does it allow immediate, unweighted rehabilitation, but it improves overall health by decreasing body fat percentage, increasing lean muscle mass, and improving cardiovascular conditioning.  What’s more, these benefits are more readily achieved than on a land-based treadmill.  Better yet, the hydrostatic pressure that water provides helps keep swelling to a minimum and improves circulation.

A highly-functional hydrotherapy unit, the 500 Series pool grants healthcare professionals the opportunity to rehabilitate or exercise patients in a non-weight-bearing environment Ground-based gait training and activities are easily duplicated on the variable speed underwater treadmill.  Strategically-placed, high-powered water jets can be used for resistance training and deep-tissue massage.  Patients can utilize the pool’s raised rear platform for exercises where additional body-weight loading is desired.  A state-of-the-art heating unit allows for fully-automated water temperatures.

The 1200 Series pool provides moveable floor technology that meets the athlete at floor level and can be lowered to any depth up to six feet.  The variable speed underwater treadmill can reach speeds of 8.5 mph.  Other amenities such HydroWorx’s directional water jets, hydromassage hoses, and underwater video cameras and monitors are hallmark features of HydroWorx technology.  The fully-automated warm water temperatures provide additional therapeutic benefits for injury and surgery-related rehabilitation.

About HydroWorx: HydroWorx specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing the world’s finest water therapy and conditioning equipment for the sports, healthcare, eldercare, and fitness markets. The company leads the industry in scientific research and data supporting the therapeutic and rehabilitative properties of water therapy. HydroWorx has sold products in 50 states and nine countries. Among its extensive and elite client list are: Dr. James Andrews, renowned orthopedic surgeon; the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, the U.S. Navy Seals, NASA, the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Manchester United, Nike, the NHL champion Pittsburgh Penguins, the NCAA men’s basketball national champion Duke University, Notre Dame, and Appalachian State.


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