Dynamic Stretching Techniques

Dynamic Stretching Techniques

Dynamic StretchingRunning season has begun, and with running comes a lot of stretching! Stretching is certainly nothing new runners, and many people have their favorite go-to stretches that they use to warm up before a good run. Often, static stretches held for 30-60 seconds are used as a way to elongate muscles and prepare them to move. Dynamic stretching is becoming a well-known alternative to static stretching, particularly for use prior to running. Dynamic stretching is more active stretching that includes controlled movements to increase range of motion and increase blood flow. It targets multiple areas at once and gets your blood flowing. It is also important to note that dynamic stretching is not just adding movement to static stretches, but is using distinct dynamic stretches to improve performance.

Galen Rupp, Olympic Silver Medalist and Oregon Project Runner, uses dynamic stretching as part of his running routine. In the video below, he demonstrates the stretches he likes to use, including:

  • High knee walking combined with butt kick
  • Hamstring stretch while walking
  • Hamstring stretch with abduction and adduction
  • Walking lunges with high knees and overhead twist
  • Side lunges with shuffle
  • Arm circles with high knees and toe raise

Watch the video below to see Galen using dynamic stretching techniques:


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