HydroWorx EVO

Aquatic therapy evolved to the

size of your land-based treadmill

Introducing the EVO – the latest addition to the line of freestanding aquatic therapy systems from HydroWorx. At just 30 square feet, EVO has one of the smallest footprint of any above-ground aquatic treadmill therapy system world-wide.

  • Small footprint, just 3′ x 9′
  • Self-contained, no additional equipment required
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Build a profit with one 30 minute patient session/day
  • Designed for existing facilities and treatment areas
  • Fits through a 36” door
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Features & Benefits

Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill
  • The integrated water treadmill surface has a cushioned low-impact design with excellent traction
  • Treadmill speeds increase smoothly from 0.2 to 6 mph in safe .1 mph increments
  • Useful for gait training and sport specific activities
Adjustable Water Depth from up to 50”
  • Quickly add or remove water to attain pool depths up to 50” with the touch of a button
  • Easily change water depth to challenge athletes or progress patients from water to land
Resistance Jet With Therapeutic Massage Hose
  • A resistance jet is essential for water therapy, rehabilitation, sports performance training or deep tissue massage
  • The jet has a wide range of water speeds and directional configurations
Adjustable 7” Touch Screen User Controls
  • All functions are controlled via a pool mounted water-resistant panel with intuitive touch screen interface
Self-Contained, No Water Storage Tank
  • Water transfer from foyer to treatment chamber enables system entry and exit
  • Only requires 30 square feet of space
  • HydroWorx products are made with superior strength and durability
  • Full warranty during the rental period
Start-Up and In-Service Training
  • Comprehensive product training

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Design and Install Guide

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What are the unique features of the HydroWorx EVO?

Fits in Just 30 Square Feet

The unique foyer design of EVO means that there is no need for an extra water storage tank, the water is maintained within the unit chamber, dramatically reducing the amount of space needed.

Adjustable Water Depth From 1″-50″

Quickly add, remove or adjust water levels to attain the optimal water depth for patients. Depths range from 0″ to 50” with the touch of a button

Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill

The variable speed treadmill, which smoothly increases from 0 to 6 mph in safe .2 mph increments, has a cushioned low-impact design with excellent traction.

Resistance Jets with Massage Hose

A resistance jet is essential for sports performance training, therapy protocols or deep tissue massage. The jet has nearly 200 different water speeds to choose from.


Easily fitting through a standard 36” doorway, the HydroWorx EVO requires just 30 square feet of floor space, less than any other freestanding aquatic treadmill system world-wide.

What are a few advantages the HydroWorx EVO technology provides?

Compared to land-based unweighting treadmills, the HydroWorx EVO offers the same functionality but with the additional benefits of warm water therapy such as buoyancy, the relaxing effect of warm water on muscles and joints, the strengthening benefits of additional resistance and hydrostatic pressure to reduce swelling and promote healing. In addition, the EVO allows you to move and rotate freely with plenty of space to execute multi-planar activities such as forward and backwards walking or running, side shuffle and carioca.

The completely integrated underwater treadmill (speeds from 0 to 6 mph) allows for correct simulation of land-based biomechanics. Sports specific exercises such as sprinting, marching, back-pedaling, shuffling, lateral braiding steps and plyometric activities are especially effective when performed on an underwater treadmill.

The adjustable 7” touch screen panel controls all functions of the EVO. This gives the athletic trainer, physical therapist, athlete or patient complete control from inside or outside the tank during treatment or conditioning sessions.

How long does it take to fill and empty the trainer tank?

Three minutes (1.5 minutes for the treatment chamber and 1.5 minutes for the foyer).

Compact Aquatic Treadmill

Introducing the EVO – the latest addition to the line of freestanding aquatic therapy systems from HydroWorx. At just 30 square feet, EVO carries the smallest spatial footprint of any above-ground aquatic treadmill therapy system worldwide.

EVO is our game-changing water therapy model that offers a turnkey solution for:


All-In-One Aquatic Rehabilitation and Compact Fitness System

Designed especially for existing practices where space is already a premium and equipment purchasing is not an option, EVO integrates standard and sophisticated elements representing the next phase of hydro and physical therapy treatments.

The EVO provides a turnkey, ready-to-use professional aquatic therapy treadmill right in your current treatment facility — requiring just 30 square feet and fitting through a standard 36” door. Other cutting-edge model features include:

Underwater Treadmill System Set-Up

If you’ve been considering an above-ground therapy pool but found cost, space or construction constraints a barrier, the HydroWorx EVO is the professional-grade water therapy solution you’ve been waiting for.

EVO is fully self-contained, eliminating the need for water storage tanks. Its modular design facilitates customized sessions for both patients and clinicians, resulting in superior physical therap and rehabilitation services at your center or facility.

The set-up and usage of our underwater treadmill system is designed for:

Fitness Training With HydroWorx EVO

EVO’s integrated water treadmill platform is designed for low-impact movements with a safe, slip-resistant surface for traction.

Treadmill speeds range from a gentle 0.2 mph to a maximum of 6 mph, increased in increments of 0.1 mph. This mirrors the mobility training of land movement with the added benefits of aquatic assistive devices, including low-impact exercise that reduces wear, tear and stress on patients’ joints and muscles.

Rest easy knowing your rehabilitation and exercise program is among the safest water-based modalities suited for:

Aquatic Rehabilitation With HydroWorx EVO

EVO’s underwater treadmill provides a compact system suited for all planes of motion with enough room to move freely.

Resistance jets and underwater treadmills have been standard features in all HydroWorx therapy chamber pools since 1998. While other brands have only begun incorporating these elements, we continue offering industry trendsetting aquatic rehabilitation features designed for clinician and patient ease. Choose our affordable and elite EVO model in fitness and rehab physical therapies for:

HydroWorx EVO: The Latest in Compact Underwater Treadmill Systems

The HydroWorx EVO is the result of an evolutionary product process yielding an aquatic treadmill system with a freestanding, compact and modular design.

It’s today’s ideal hydrotherapy solution for practicing clinicians requiring a turnkey therapy system, as well as outpatient facilities, senior living homes and other rehabilitation clinics where space is at a premium. HydroWorx has set the industry standard across our more than 20-year history in the rehabilitation world, with this EVOlved aquatic solution representing ingenuity and an ideal set-up for existing, small-spaced facilities.

We offer a full warranty plus product servicing performed by our HydroWorx technicians. This ensures our customers receive the ongoing, specialized support they need for equipment usage and upkeep from qualified experts who work exclusively with our models.

Request information on the HydroWorx EVO system today and ask us how you can cover monthly EVO payments with just one aquatic patient a day.