Welcome back Adrian Peterson

Welcome back Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is back! After a little more than eight months of physical and aquatic therapy, training and lots of perseverance, the Vikings’ running back has returned.

The season opener was last Sunday, September 9th, where the Minnesota Vikings beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 26-23. Peterson’s number one goal throughout this therapy and rehabilitation process was to be ready for the first game of the season. And indeed he was.

His first carry of the game on Sunday, was unremarkable in style, a simple 4-yard gain after a stutter step at the line of scrimmage. 4 yards, certainly isn’t 40 yards, but after undergoing reconstructive knee surgery, its a was huge start for Peterson.

From a Yahoo sports article Peterson states:

”I just went out and played. I knew the structure of the ligament was good,” said Peterson, who finished with 84 yards on 17 attempts about 8 1/2 months after tearing his ACL. His runs of 10 and 20 yards set up Walsh’s 38-yard kick after the Vikings won the overtime coin toss.

Vikings Coach, Leslie Frazier, speaks about Peterson’s return as well. “The boost that he gave us, and our fans’ reaction when he was introduced, was outstanding and lifted our players. ‘He’s special, without question.

Peterson suffered a traumatic knee injury last December in a game against the Washington Redskins. The running back then began rehabbing in the HydroWorx therapy pool, shortly after surgery. Using the pool for physical therapy allowed Peterson to move and strengthen his knee sooner than he would using strictly land-based therapy exercises. Incorporating aquatic therapy exercises on the underwater treadmill with weight training and stretching, this NFL star was back in action when they needed him most. According to Eric Sugarman, Head Athletic Trainer, Minnesota Vikings:

“Adrian Peterson was able to accomplish his goal of playing in our 2012 season opener. This did not happen without hard work, determination and the assistance of many modalities. Adrian was a frequent user of the HydroWorx pool, especially during the early phases of the rehabilitation process. The HydroWorx pool was a huge asset and certainly played a role in Adrian’s safe recovery.”

Not to mention, after Sunday’s victory, Peterson “passed Robert Smith to move into first place on Minnesota’s all-time rushing list, with 6,836 yards in his 74th career game.”  Congrats on your recovery and your new record!

Next, the Vikings will face the Indianapolis Colts, this Sunday the 16th. Good Luck!



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