Water Chemistry Testing Necessary for Aquatic Therapy Pools

Water Chemistry Testing Necessary for Aquatic Therapy Pools

Want to purchase a HydroWorx pool to add aquatic therapy to your facility’s health and wellness protocols?  Planning to enhance your existing aquatic therapy pool with a HydroWorx underwater treadmill?

Then you’d better make sure you have some “chemistry”.

 Specifically, we’re talking about water chemistry.  After all, you have to ensure that your aquatic therapy?
program won’t be undermined by poor water quality.

Testing the water regularly in your HydroWorx pool is a necessary element of maintaining your equipment.  However, sometimes it seems like an overwhelming prospect.

Fortunately, it needn’t be too time-consuming nor does it require a higher science-related PhD!

We could explain how to efficiently test the water chemistry in your HydroWorx pool, but actions speak louder than words… so watch this quick video that outlines exactly how to do it!


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