Two Runners, One Goal. Farah and Rupp’s story.

Two Runners, One Goal. Farah and Rupp’s story.

The following blog post has been adapted from the article “A Bond Born at Speed” written by Tim Layden in the February 27, 2012 Sports Illustrated Issue

Mo Farah and Galen Rupp.

Both runners, both dedicated and both on the hunt for an Olympic gold medal.

Mo Farah, born and raised in Somalia, is running both the 5,000m and 10,000m at the London games in hopes of giving Great Britain its first real gold medal in track and field. Farah’s training partner, the 25 year old from Oregon, Galen Rupp, will be running for USA with the same goal.

Farah and Rupp have been diligently training under the former marathon record holder, Alberto Salazar, in Oregon. Rupp has been running for Salazar since he was in high school, recently becoming the American Two-Mile record holder.  It wasn’t until January of 2011 that Mo Farah joined them at the Oregon Project facilities in Portland.

“I was leery,” says Rupp, 25, of the idea. “I think we’ve got the best training program in the world, with Alberto’s coaching and Nike’s resources. And now we’re adding one of our chief competitors. I said to Alberto, ‘Why are we bringing this guy in?'”

After a long talk with Salazar discussing numbers and the training benefits, it was decided that, “Rupp needed a consistent and talented training partner in his own events.”

What is more surprising, the two competitors have become close friends, working to make each other better.  “We just clicked,” says Farah, 28.

Both runners have very specific and intense training schedules, all created by Salazar. For instance, Salazar is going to bump up their workouts in the final months before heading to London, increasing Farah’s mileage to ‘125 per week, with another 20 on a HydroWorx underwater treadmill, adding volume while minimizing injury risk.’

To read more about the personal trials, training regimes and goals for the two Olympic hopefuls read more from the article or pick up the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

Salazar, a passionate HydroWorx customer, heavily incorporates the HydroWorx fitness pools into both Mo and Galen’s training regime because great benefits of aquatic therapy. The two runners use the pool as well as the X80 portable underwater treadmill while traveling on the road. The HydroWorx pools and underwater treadmill allow the runners to recover properly by ‘taking the weight off’ as they run and through the use of the deep tissue HydroMassage.

Take a look at some short videos of the two HydroWorx users!

Behind the Scenes Training: Olympian Galen Rupp on the HydroWorx:

An Inside Look into The Oregon Project Team Training Camp:


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