The O’s gear up for Spring Training with a Newly Renovated Training Facility

The O’s gear up for Spring Training with a Newly Renovated Training Facility

Baseball season is right around the corner. The players have reported to spring training and the training has begun.

This year, the Baltimore Orioles will be training in style.

The team’s Baseball Operations Center has both increased in size and quality. The current building sits at 43,000 square-feet, which is about one and a half times the size of the old building.

Hydrotherapy pools are a main feature along with a fully stocked kitchen, weight room, clubhouse, media room and much more.

The pitchers and catchers have been the first to test out the new facility, and the remaining position players reported Thursday (2/23) and begin practice today (2/24)!

“Richie Bancells, head athletic trainer explained that the pools and baths in the rehab area serve different purposes. One bath is for relaxing extremities, another for the whole body, and the HydroWorx pools serve as good rehabilitation pools to help players recover from injury.”

“Water is the perfect isokinetic device in terms of resistance,” Bancells said. “If you ever moved around in a pool there’s two things about it: the resistance is equal throughout the entire range of motion unlike using a dumb bell where that resistance actually changes in terms of forces.”

The Orioles’ new 5,000 square-foot weight room is a very wide-open space for the athletes to move around and train using different techniques including yoga, lifting, biking, circuit training and more.

Here’s a condensed list of the new features and details of the Baseball Operations Center, courtesy of the Orioles: (To read them all, visit the full article)

By The Numbers

  • 36,722 square feet — new first floor
  • 6,344 square feet — new second floor
  • 43,066 square feet — total size of renovated and new construction of Baseball Operations Center
  • 5 miles — total length of data cable installed

First Floor

  • Strength and Conditioning room with 5,000 square feet and glass garage doors that open to practice fields
  • Athletic training room with three HydroWorx therapy pools, that holds more than 11,000 gallons of water plus hot and cold plunge pools
  • Equipment storage room with lockable high density storage system
  • Major League Clubhouse with 60 lockers in 3,700 square feet
  • Auxiliary Clubhouse with 45 lockers in 2,100 square feet
  • Dining room with 70 seats and an outdoor area
  • Full-service kitchen at 4,200 square feet
  • Video production room that can also be used for press conferences

Second Floor

  • Offices for baseball operations, public relations and community relations personnel
  • Meeting room with capability to hold press conference
  • Secondary clubhouse with about 20 lockers
  • Reception area

Outdoor Practice Fields

  • Four covered batting tunnels with new lighting, new artificial turf flooring and new windscreen on side panels
  • Nine new pitching mounds
  • Three full-size practice fields, including one with the dimensions of Oriole Park at Camden Yards
  • One Conditioning field with an Astroturf infield
  • Protective netting along Tuttle Avenue to avoid home runs hitting cars


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