Snowboard season has arrived…along with an amazing rehab story

Snowboard season has arrived…along with an amazing rehab story

As we progress deeper into the winter months, the temperatures continue to fall along with the snow.  This can only mean one thing- snowboard and ski season is at its peak!  We thought we would discuss an amazing rehab story of a woman recovering from a devastating snowboarding injury.

The rehab takes place in a HydroWorx pool at “Every Woman Physical Therapy” in Burlington, Vermont.

While snowboarding, Jayla, a 29 year-old woman, was standing on a slope when a 200+ lb. man fell on her while going uphill!  Her small frame of just over 100 lbs. could not sustain the impact; resulting in not only a torn medial meniscus, but also a crushed tibial plateau.  10 days following the accident, she underwent surgery which would immobilize her for 6-8 weeks.

The buoyancy of water, along with the “bicycling” movement exercise, allowed Jayla to experience a much higher range of motion than on land.

She also practices abduction and adduction by allowing her legs to float behind her.  The handrails located in the pool make it easy for her to perform exercises like this one, while eliminating the risk of losing balance.

“One-leg marching” was another method used.  During this exercise, she would lift her legs in front of her, one at a time.  This increases her extension capabilities, while strengthening other leg muscles.

“Leg-donuts” are foam rings that were placed around one ankle.  Jayla would try lowering her leg.  The resistance of the rings through the water was an excellent way of regaining core balance and stability, while also making the movements isolated in the leg.

Another way that difficulty was increased, was to put fins on.  These put more pressure on the legs when preforming the same exercises, but with much less pressure than the resistance jets.  Jets can be used in combination with many exercises to provide an additional level of resistance to the patient.  As the legs become stronger, using these techniques can be implemented to drastically speed up recovery time.

It is absolutely amazing to see the variety and combination of exercises performed in water shortly after sustaining disastrous injuries.  To see other rehab stories and innovative protocols similar to this one, feel free to visit our video library.

HydroWorx wishes you have a safe winter not only on the slopes, but in all other activities that you decide to take part in.


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