Secret Weapon for Olympic Athletes Made in Susquehanna Valley

Secret Weapon for Olympic Athletes Made in Susquehanna Valley

’Secret weapon’ for Olympic athletes made in Susquehanna Valley”

Lori Burkholder and the WGAL 8 News team made a trip to HydroWorx this summer to check out our facility and products.

Jeff Groh, runner at Lower Dauphin high school also came along to test out our product and talk about the experience.  After getting onto one of our treadmills he says, “I think it feels great.  You get the same exercise as running (on land), but it’s a little bit different because of the water.”  Groh felt privileged knowing he was using the same equipment utilized by Olympic athletes, saying: “Not many people get to use this.  To be on the same machinery as Olympians…it’s awesome.”  Jeff will continue to train on the HydroWorx treadmill with the rest of his track and field teammates at Lower Dauphin High School.

In the video, CEO Anson Flake is very excited that his products will be used in the upcoming Olympics by Galen Rupp and Mo Farrah.  Both athletes went on to win gold for the USA and Great Britain, respectively.  Flake said, “To have these Olympic athletes using our product is something we’re very proud of.”  He goes on to explain the benefits of training in water’s natural properties.  The hydrostatic pressure helps force pain and swelling out of joints.  Buoyancy of water can reduce the user’s body weight as much as 90%.  This allows the athlete to train for long distances while taking away the pressure normally applied to joints.

Flake says, “Being an American company, being a Middletown company, and working with the American team, is something that we only dreamed about a few years ago.  It’s incredibly rewarding.

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