Reuniting on the Track with HydroWorx Blogger Nick Berra

Reuniting on the Track with HydroWorx Blogger Nick Berra

The following article was originally published on HydroWorx guest blogger Nick Berra’s site.  We enjoyed his message, so we wanted to share it with you!

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Track Reunions

Early spin class on Monday morning, played it safe since I had an appointment later on that day for an interval workout in the pool. Nothing crazy, wondered if doing it that way was even worth the loss of sleep.  Wish there was a formula or way to attain empirical evidence as to the value of a workout – so much guesswork (no guesswork concerning the 4:55am wakeup – it blows)….

Hit the pool out at the HydroWorx center with Curtis Bixler, Cumberland Valley ’06 and Syracuse ’10 (definitely not a masters runner).

Curtis was a 2-mile state champion and track/xc athlete at Syracuse who was home for a break from grad school at Texas.  He’s been in the pool before so figured he would be a good partner to trade reps with on the treadmill.  Had planned on a bunch of 1:00 (approx 400m) intervals, changed it up after about 5 to add a little variation to the workout.  Ended up getting in 10 x 1:00 w/ 1:00 rest, then 5 x 200 w/ 2:00 rest.

I thought the “quarters” started out tough with the speed and resistance I threw in there, got into a groove after a couple and they ended up being a good degree of difficulty.  The “800′s” didn’t seem to get the heart rate up quite as much, but were good strength reps to finish up with.  Either way, it was an experiment that I can tweak in the future – different from my normal straight 6x or 12x sets, good to get back to something hard after a week+ of road miles and hotel machines.

Curtis didn’t seem bothered by any of the speeds – must be nice to be 23…

Worked the flight to Memphis last night, jumpseated back to Harrisburg in the morning.  The sorting facility in Memphis seemed to be operating at capacity +++, expected a big “TILT” sign to illuminate on top of the roof of the hub.  Got in about 2 hours late this morning just due to the fact that they just couldn’t keep up with the amount of freight passing through the system.

No nap, after a couple of errands got back in the pool this afternoon, 45 minutes of decent pace mileage.  Went barefoot for the first time in a while, almost forgot what it felt like (very free).  Got right out of the pool and into my outdoor stuff – straight over to the high school for 30 minutes around the campus with the boys.

Seemed to be alumni day out at the track as all the college guys (probably 6 or 7) were back on break, knocking out workouts or mileage assigned to them while they were home from school – good to see all the kids, although most of them are not kids anymore (most, but not all…).  10-11 miles altogether today, pretty easy paces, good in-between day as I hope tomorrow will be a good hard run.

Planning on hitting the Appalachian Trail in the morning with Curtis.  Hoping to get in either 10-12 miles, or maybe 8 or so with a 5 mile tempo run in the middle.  Will see what he is up for, how smooth the trail is, and how we feel.  Weather has cooperated the past couple days – mid 30′s with light breezes.  I think the winds are supposed to pick up on Thursday so if I can get something long outside tomorrow, I’m thinking of maybe doing another interval session on Thursday before heading back to work for the holiday.

I don’t have my January work schedule yet so formulating a meet plan is pretty pointless right now.  Will discuss that sometime in the near future when a few more variables are removed from the equation.  Until then, base/strength/base/strength –  it won’t be long now….


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