Recovering from Back to School Training

Recovering from Back to School Training

Plunge poolsAs athletes begin heading back to school, training and preseason practices are also starting up. It’s a good time to remember how important it is to recover from difficult workouts. In fact, daily recovery can positively impact performance and leave athletes feeling more rejuvenated and prepared to face the next day’s training.

While it’s tempting to leave practice and crash, the experts at Michael Johnson Performance may convince you otherwise. Lance Walker, Director of Performance, states:

“With contrasting, the CNS/ANS is recovering faster and more completely. The athletes are back the next session with higher functioning levels of neuromuscular firing and a reduction in ‘wasted’ training sessions due to staleness or effects of overtraining–which is usually a result of ‘under recovering.'”

Contrast therapy, as its name implies, includes moving from cold therapy to warm therapy in predetermined intervals to yield regeneration benefits. The contrast between heat and cold is believed to exert a physiological effect on the body’s pain gate mechanism. Using plunge pools it’s possible to easily move between the two temperatures for a simple 10 minute recovery session.

Including hydromassage during recovery can further strip lactic acid from overworked muscles and elongate the muscle fibers.

To learn more about the way Michael Johnson Performance uses contrast therapy using ThermalPlunge and PolarPlunge pools, watch the following video:

To learn more about contrast therapy using hot and cold plunge pools, download our tipsheet here>>


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