Post Recovery Workout in the HydroWorx Pool

Post Recovery Workout in the HydroWorx Pool

Person holding a bottle and wearing a HydroWorx ShirtPost Recovery Workout in the HydroWorx Pool

A guest blog feature by Kelly McCluskey

Much has been written about how much time you need to recover after an endurance event. Whether you are a triathlete, marathoner, 5 or 10k runner, recovery is as important as your training, without a good recovery program you risk injury. I have read articles in Runner’s World that said to take a week off after a marathon.After my Half Ironman, I decided to follow this plan, after all I covered 70.3 miles, the equivalent of two marathons.

After a week off I was ready to get back into my training. I wanted to do two post recovery workouts and compare them to see which felt better. The first workout back was on a regular treadmill at the Y. I did an hour run at moderate speed with no inclines. I felt pretty good until about mile three and the soreness in my quads and IT bands returned from my Half Ironman. I got through it and felt a bit fatigued after, but I expected some soreness because it was my first workout back.

The very next day, I decided to run again, but on the underwater treadmill in the Hydroworx pool to see if I felt any difference. I did an hour of running on the HydroWorx pool and almost immediately felt a difference.The warmth of the water helped ease my muscle soreness upon entering the pool. I ran for the first half hour without the resistance jets on and felt great; no soreness in my quads or IT bands, like I had the previous day on the regular treadmill. I decided to add the resistance jets for the second half hour.Again, I felt no fatigue on those areas that had bothered me. I did feel a bit tired ,as the resistance jets do make the workout more challenging, but no pain. I alternated speed and the resistance jets for the rest of the session and felt great.

When I was finished running I turned the resistance jets on the highest setting and let the water blast my quads and instantly felt those muscles loosen. Once again the HydroWorx workout swimming pool really came through for me. I covered the same distance as I had the day before on the regular treadmill, but without any pain or soreness.

The power of working out in water is so significant, and as I’ve said before, the HydroWorx pool will now become a regular part of my training.

No matter what your time off is after an event, the most important thing to do is listen to your body and start back small with your training. Sleep is key as well. I make sure I get to bed earlier and get at least nine hours each night after an event. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water and recovery drinks. I’m a fan of just some watered down Gatorade. Have some balanced meals that include some protein;the protein will build muscle recovery. Take time to reflect on your accomplishment during recovery time, after all you’ve earned it!

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You can read more about Kelly’s tri adventures at her blog, My Tri Life.


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