How One Facility Uses Water to Prevent ACL Injuries

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The following post consists of information provided by one loyal HydroWorx customer, Dave Hill, PT and Marketing Manager at NovaCare Rehabilitation in Philadelphia, PA. An article published in July 2007, “Prevention of anterior cruciate ligament injury in the female athlete,” written by Holly Jacinda Silvers and Bert R Mandelbaum, discusses in detail the importance of […]

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What Happened in Vegas

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As many of you know, last week was the National Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, and boy did HydroWorx have a lot of exciting things going on! Everything from handing out 800 T-Shirts, to presenting the Excellence in Aquatics Award, to giving away a pool- it all happened. One of the big […]

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Attendees Dive In at Hydrotherapy Course at St George’s Park

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Last week, HydroWorx offered an aquatic therapy education course at St. George’s Park National Training Centre.  The half day course included a presentation and in water demonstration by Jason Palmer, Physiotherapist from Chelsea Football Club.  Participating in the course were physiotherapists and educators from the Premier League, Rugby Clubs, and Private Practice Physical Therapy settings.  […]

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Upcoming Free Webinar! Register Today.

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In case you missed this presentation by Eric Sugarman, Head Athletic Trainer of the Minnesota Vikings, during the PFATS/Ronnie P. Barnes Educational Session at the 2013 NATA Annual Meeting, we’re offering a free webinar – Register today! From ACL/MCL Reconstruction to NFL MVP: A Case Report, Presented by: Eric Sugarman, Head Athletic Trainer, Minnesota Vikings. On July 11, 2013 […]

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Lumbosacral Sprain and Severe Thoracic Pain

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We’re pulling a case study from the archives today! Lower back pain is something that 31 million Americans experience at any given time, according to the American Chiropractic Association. It is also expected that 80% of Americans will experience a back problem at some point in their lives. The severity and consequences of the back […]

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How Water Exercise Helps You Stay Fit And Live Longer

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A recent article for, How Water Aerobics Help You Stay Fit And Live Longer by Lizette Borelli discusses the advantages of water exercise for everyone.  This article does a great job highlighting some of the benefits and advantages of aquatic exercise. Water offers a unique workout modality. Exercise itself can reduce the risks of […]

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Meet Robert Griffin III and Win a Free Pool!

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Don’t Gamble with Rehab and Performance. HydroWorx is Proven to Give Your Athletes an Advantage. The Pot has Tripled! We’ve decided to go “all in” and give away a free HydroWorx PolarPlunge at NATA! On Wednesday, June 26th, winner of the Heisman Trophy and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, Robert Griffin III will give away a free HydroWorx […]

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Part 4: “What’s the Right Pool for Your Family and Your Home?”

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A Four Part Series from our Residential Expert, Michele Reber Being with HydroWorx Pools for many years, I have realized a lot of homeowners have some great questions about what to look for when buying a pool- there are so many different models out there, how can you possibly narrow your search down?  This series […]

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Robert Griffin III to Present HydroWorx Excellence in Aquatics Award at NATA in Las Vegas, NV

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 Robert Griffin III to Present HydroWorx Excellence in Aquatics Award at NATA in Las Vegas, NV   Griffin’s multiple, authentic and deeply personal rehabilitation experiences with water therapy, makes him a logical presenter of the Excellence in Aquatics Award to be given out on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 from 11:00am-1:00pm.  Middletown, PA (PRWEB) June 20, 2013 […]

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Impact Foot Injury Case Study from St. George’s Park

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Perform, part of Spire Healthcare at St. George’s Park, as we learned in a previous post, is a sports medicine, rehabilitation and performance-centered service that also opens its doors to individuals in the area who have a need for physical therapy. This particular case study is about a Senior England football player (American Soccer) who suffered a serious […]

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