Upcoming Webinar Highlights Innovative Arthritis and Joint Replacement Aquatics Techniques

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Upcoming Webinar Highlights Innovative Arthritis and Joint Replacement Aquatics Techniques  Characterized by dull to intense joint pain (sometimes mixed with swelling that leads to immobility necessitating joint replacements), the musculoskeletal disorder that is commonly abbreviated as “arthritis” is an enormous concern for Americans.  In truth, there are hundreds of variations of this condition that, according to […]

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Summer of Success for Local Masters Athlete

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It’s always great to hear about successful sports stories, especially when it’s about a local athlete. This summer has been nothing short of extraordinary for local master’s runner, Nick Berra. Recently Penn Live posted an online article about Berra, on August 19, 2013 titled, “It has been a summer of running success for Enola’s Nick Berra.”  […]

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Local Masters Runner takes another win

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On August 9th Nick Berra, a local masters runner, won the first ever USA Track and Field Masters one-mile road championship in Pittsburgh in 4:28! To get the whole story click here.

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Inside Look from An Aquatic Textbook Author

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We are very excited about a new textbook that was published July 15 of this year, titled “The Use of Aquatics in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation and Physical Conditioning,” written by leaders in the sport & exercise and orthopedic industries. This textbook includes scientifically-based information on the use and application of aquatic methodologies in […]

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Young Spinal Cord Injury Patient Makes Strides with Aquatic Therapy

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Spinal cord injuries come in all different forms. Depending on where and how the spinal cord is injured, the result can be quadriplegia, paraplegia, minor nerve damage and everything in between.  For one young patient, the diagnosis was originally paraplegia, but he has made significant progress and is now considered an incomplete spinal cord injury: […]

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Total Knee Repair Follow Up: Cleared to Play

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You may remember Megan’s story from earlier this spring (Read this post for the full background). Megan is a high school soccer player who blew out her knee earlier this year playing soccer. She tore her ACL, MCL, PCL and her medial meniscus which required a total knee repair via surgeons in Colorado (a long […]

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8 Ways Warm Water Benefits Those with Neurological Conditions

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HydroWorx aquatic therapy pools have been designed with versatility in order to treat a wide variety of specific health conditions including spinal cord injury, stroke, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions. The warm water (typically around 92 degrees) of a therapy pool provides sensory stimulation to the entire body, providing pain management. A patient […]

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An Exciting Track and Field Weekend Coming Up

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If you follow track and field at all, you know the upcoming IAAF World Championships  starting tomorrow are the next best thing to the Olympics.  And we’re plenty excited to see how Mo Farah, Galen Rupp and the rest of the Oregon Project team do in their races. BUT we, at HydroWorx, are equally excited […]

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Water Therapy for L4 Stress Fracture Made All the Difference

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Recently we were able to visit with the physical therapists and one particular patient over at The Rehab Center Physical Therapy in New Holland, PA. Lower back pain is extremely common and can be hard to identify its severity without routine doctors visits and/or MRI’s. Hannah Fisher came to The Rehab Center in January after […]

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Work smarter, not harder: A lesson for the therapist and the athlete, found underwater.

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The following is a post written by, Mike Studer, PT, MHS, NCS, CEEAA, and President and co-owner of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, in Oregon. Are you fully utilizing the clinical and economic benefits of marketing your aquatic program to local high school athletes, triathletes, competitive runners? Are you potentially missing clients that are engaged in athletics for the […]

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