Next step for the Underwater Marathon? A Pep Rally!

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What’s next for the exciting HydroWorx Underwater Marathon? We will be hosting an exclusive Pep Rally in the Middletown office next week, on July 19th for our wonderfully generous sponsors. For this exciting event, we will have two very special guests. Alex Lincoln, Founder of the Eagle Fund, will be sharing fundraising and training tips, as well […]

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The "Secret Weapon"

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With the Big Games approaching, excitement for the runners and all the athletes continues to grow. As previously announced, a few weeks ago we had news reporter, Lori Burkholder, from WGAL, in the HydroWorx office with TV cameras capturing the runners ‘secret weapon.’ With the record breaking performances by both Galen Rupp and Mo Farah, […]

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College Athletic Programs beat the Recession

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The following blog post has been adapted from the ESPN online article, “Arms race proves recession-proof” by Brian Bennett. Despite the difficult economy, college sports programs are continuing to build and expand. Numerous athletic programs break ground each year to add the latest amenities and make the highest quality improvement to their facilities and stadiums. […]

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University of Maine Hockey Players Experience the Underwater Treadmill

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  Treadmills are known for helping injured athletes return to competing quickly.  Completing this exercise underwater, allows the user to experience low-impact rehabilitation.  This can be particularly important for people with injuries to the lower body. As part of a University of Maine exercise science class, an undergraduate, two graduate students, and Professor Robert Lehnnhard, […]

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HydroWorx, a Premier feature for the new St. George’s Park

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The Football Association (FA), England’s governing body for football (soccer) is building a premier facility unlike any other. This facility is called St. George’s Park and the construction is well underway. St. George’s Park will be home to 24 England football teams, both men and women’s teams. One could only imagine the size of this […]

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Plunging Into Physical Therapy

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Plunging Into Physical Therapy               By TOM BAYLES H-T Health + Fitness Correspondent, Herald-Tribune      It was back at the dawn of this century that I was cleaning a rug in my living room, and for no apparent reason a searing, white-hot flash of pain shot throughout my […]

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HydroWorx Customers battling it out on the Court

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The NBA Playoffs are well underway and the drama and excitement are far from subsiding. 4 teams remain in hopes of winning the NBA Championship.   The Boston Celtics Miami Heat Oklahoma Thunder San Antonio Spurs   Two HydroWorx customers are battling it out for a spot in the NBA finals. The Oklahoma Thunder and […]

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Using HydroWorx to Combat Obesity

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The following blog post has been adapted from the article titled, A Growing Challenge, written by Daniel McCann from McKnight’s Long Term Care News. It is extremely unfortunate and sad, but it is the truth: The number of obese individuals in America continues to increase. Daniel McCann conducted this article about how long-term care operators […]

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A Growing Challenge

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A growing challenge   By: Daniel McCann It’s a snowballing health crisis: Just as the number of obese Americans continues to swell, so do the ranks of those considered severely, or morbidly, obese. And the latter pose new challenges to long-term care operators interested in serving them — challenges ranging from orienting staff to this […]

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Powerful Fall Prevention Programs with Water

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The following post is an article written by Jackie Halbin, Living Well Manager, CPT, Certified FallProof™ Instructor and Naoky Sato, MSPT, GCS (board certified), CPT, Certified FallProof™ Instructor published for the ICAA.  You’ve heard the statistics about falls in the older population, such as one in three 65-year-olds will fall annually or that the chance of […]

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