Overcome Obesity with Underwater Treadmill Exercise

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A research study from 2009 conducted at Texas A & M University, shows the effectiveness of underwater treadmill exercise for overweight adults. The study titled, “Comparative Efficacy of Water and Land Treadmill Training for Overweight or Obese Adults,” was conducted in order to explore the efficacy of underwater treadmill exercise training programs by comparing changes in […]

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5 Reasons to Take the Plunge

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Do you currently offer aquatic therapy? Do you wonder what all of the hype is about? While the effects of aquatic therapy (or hydrotherapy) are obvious to some, they are not as well known to others. Warm water therapy combined with state-of-the-art technology can create some impressive advantages for rehabilitation. Here are just 5 ways […]

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6 Benefits of Underwater Running (Infographic)

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The summer is a time for getting outdoors and being more active. Triathlons, marathons and road races have become very popular ways for staying active in the summer. Many people sign up throughout the year as something to look forward to when summer rolls around. However, with an increased amount of land training and running, injuries […]

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Meet with HydroWorx at Rehab Summit

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Cross Country Education is proud to present the 8th Annual Rehab Summit this week in Nashville,TN, and HydroWorx is excited to be an exhibitor again this year. Cross Country Education is “Leading the Way in Continuing Education And Professional Development” for healthcare professionals. For rehabilitation therapy, they have conducted over 12,000 one-day seminars with over 400,000 […]

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HydroWorx Track Club Does it Again

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Members of the HydroWorx track club were busy in action this week racing in the annual Millers Mutual Harrisburg Mile. History of the Harrisburg Mile:  The Harrisburg Mile was founded in July of 1982 by the Harrisburg office of Smith Barney. The leadership baton for the Harrisburg Mile has been passed to Millers Mutual, a long-time […]

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Consider Water Therapy for Tactile Defensiveness

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Water therapy may not be a “go to” therapy for tactile defensiveness, but a case study from our archives shows how it can have a significant impact on a child’s progress. Tactile defensiveness is a sensory processing disorder in which the body perceives input differently and can make even the gentlest loving touch a traumatic […]

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HydroWorx at the Ballpark

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Here at HydroWorx, we believe in a “Work Hard/Play Hard” culture. It’s true that we don’t always play as hard as we work, but once in a while we make sure to have some fun!  What better day than a Monday to “close up” shop early and head to a baseball game for the afternoon? […]

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World Class Technology and Therapy for World Class Soldiers

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The following information has been summarized from the recent article in Government Recreation and Fitness titled, “Tactical Athletes…Naval Special Warfare Building More Resilient Warriors.” For those who are completing some of the most challenging and dangerous missions in the military, it is essential that they receive the best training, equipment and resources. “Our mission is […]

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Top 5 HydroWorx Videos

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We love to continually offer new videos to educate and entertain our readers! It’s always interesting to find out which videos are viewed the most because it’s very telling of the things people are interested in. Based on the last year of viewing stats, we know that people love videos about athletes and knees.  See our […]

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Aquatic Therapy Improves Daily Life for Back Pain Sufferer

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Chronic back pain is a common problem among adults. In fact it is estimated that 80% of the population will deal with back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can be caused by any number of factors. For Laura Wohl, back pain is caused by multiple factors including a herniated disc and severe […]

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