The Impossible Can Become Possible for TBI and SCI Patients

The Impossible Can Become Possible for TBI and SCI Patients

keith ori pictureThere is no “recipe” for treating traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury (SCI) patients. Each case has it’s own history, specific diagnosis and limitations. Thankfully, we live in an era where technology is ever-evolving and creating opportunities for these patients beyond what they may have dreamed. Combining technological advancements with the extreme skill and care of clinicians, people are doing things that doctors had told them were impossible.

Using the right mix of technology and catering it specifically to each patient’s needs makes rehabilitation from a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury productive and impactful. There are so many land-based technologies that continue to improve and offer amazing results. Surprisingly to some, technological advancements in aquatic therapy also provide valuable tools for clinicians. Specialized aquatic therapy can offer the following advantages:

  1. The anti-gravity property (buoyancy) of the water makes movements easier than on land. Small neuromuscular responses can be more easily detected and recognized in this environment.
  2. Warm water helps to reduce spasticity which can increase a patient’s comfort and in turn, their ability to move.
  3. The fear of falling is reduced, especially for those that are apprehensive about trying new things on land. The water breaks falls and the result of a fall is often just a wet head.
  4. The volatile nature of water creates the perfect space for improving balance and core strength. Using resistance jets, water flow can be increased to continually challenge an individual’s balance and responses.
  5. Through the use of technology such as an underwater treadmill and video monitoring system, clinicians and patients are able to work on gait training. The ability to watch one’s gait and make adjustments in real time is essential to regaining the ability to walk.

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