The Impact of Aquatic Technology at Cox Monett Clinic

The Impact of Aquatic Technology at Cox Monett Clinic

Recently, we caught up with physical therapist Kevin Norris, rehab manager of the Cox Monett Clinic in Monett, Missouri.  The clinic serves as the rehab arm of CoxHealth’s network of hospitals, specialty medical centers and urgent care facilities.

As the rehab clinic quickly approaches its 2nd year anniversary with the HydroWorx 500 series pool, Kevin—who oversees all things PT, OT and S&LT at the clinic—gave us a quick rundown on the clinic’s achievements over the past 22 months.

“Overall, we have far exceeded our volume and revenue projections,” Kevin explained.  “Many local physicians want aquatic therapy as part of the treatment plan for their patients. The physicians have a lot of trust in us. Every single day we have patients in the pool—sometimes it’s been booked to capacity. We do more volume than any other therapy provider in a two-county region.”

Kevin and his team of therapists have found the pool to be very useful with a wide scope of patient population—from spinal cord injuries to pediatrics.

“While working with the children, sometimes we’ll have an occupational therapist and a speech therapist along side each other in the pool, helping a child with developmental or social issues. Kids really open up in the aquatic environment. It’s been pretty amazing to witness.”DSC_5691

The center also incorporates a very effective weight-loss program. One patient had the goal of losing a significant amount of weight and running a 5K.  He was not able to run on land for years, therefore he began a walking and jogging program on the underwater treadmill, visiting the clinic often. Because of his commitment to the program and the strength and balance he gained as a result of walking underwater, he is now able to run on land.

“This gentleman accomplished his goal of running the 5K,” stated Kevin.  “He still visits the clinic about once a week for aquatic training. This was a great success story.”

But Norris wasn’t always waving the aquatic therapy banner.

“Initially, I had some reservations about acquiring the pool. But it didn’t take long to see the impact this modality was having on our business. The interest in the community had been pretty great. No question.”

Kevin finds that ongoing training and continued education are essential for the crew of therapists at the clinic.

“We put a lot of emphasis on becoming competent in the use of aquatic therapy. Our staff talks with their patients about the option of aquatic therapy and the possibility of incorporating it into their plan of care. Aquatic treatment is not for everyone, but we’ve seen it benefit a tremendous amount of our patient population. It’s just a matter of knowing how best to utilize the modality.”

In an effort to educate the community about the center’s aquatic offerings, Kevin reaches out to physicians by both speaking to groups and by providing brochures to medical offices around the community. But the most impactful marketing, he says, takes place when the patient uses the pool and feels its benefits.

“With up to 75 percent of their weight displaced, patients feel a sense of freedom in the pool.  They use the massage hose to decrease muscular spasms and the 93 degree water soothes their aching joints. All of these benefits work together to heal and give our patients the confidence they need to recover. And they spread the word.”

Congratulations to Cox Monett rehab clinic for adding value and making a difference in their community!


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