HydroWorx Hurries with Oklahoma to the BCS National Title Game

HydroWorx Hurries with Oklahoma to the BCS National Title Game

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HydroWorx Hurries with Oklahoma to the BCS National Title Game

Middletown, PA-The University of Oklahoma’s #1 ranked football team has won the Big 12 Championship and now they’re preparing to head to Miami for the BCS National Championship Game against the University of Florida. HydroWorx InstaFit underwater treadmill machines are helping the top team in the land to prepare with water therapy in Norman, Oklahoma and all the way to South Florida.

College football’s biggest game will represent the culmination of a long season of hard hits and injuries on both sidelines. OU’s Director of Sports Enhancement, Jerry Schmidt, always on the cutting edge of strengthening and recovery strategies, is maximizing his team’s health by utilizing a temporary and portable HydroWorx underwater treadmill machine and a HydroWorx PolarPlunge cold pool setup adjacent to the team’s indoor football facility. Schmidt will be taking these same HydroWorx aquatic therapy units to Miami for use at the team’s practice field location in order to keep his players in optimal condition.

Coach Schmidt states, "After going into the Big 12 Championship game, our guys were run down and beat up. We wanted to look for an advantage…." Schmidt telephoned HydroWorx the Sunday after the Big 12 Championship game and the company had two pools delivered and set up on Thursday of the same week. Now, after two weeks of use, these InstaFit hydrotherapy machines are hitting the road.

HydroWorx pools with the InstaFit option offer a convenient, plug-in answer for sports professionals who need immediate access to the benefits of aquatic therapy. These pools feature underwater treadmills, resistance jets, hot or cold temperature systems and massage hose technology.

Schmidt is singing the praises of HydroWorx and their InstaFit pools. "It’s amazing how four days later, (the pools) showed up. It was amazing how small and mobile they were because we could set them up right next to our indoor field. That way, when our players got through with practice, they could walk right through the doors and get into these tubs."

The massage hoses are critical to the 12-1 Sooners players’ physical recovery. Schmidt maintains, "The massage hoses are a big plus for our program. What we’ll do is work on the ankle, going all the way to the glute, pushing all of that lactic acid out of there, getting the muscles to recover. Really, going into a championship game like this, everybody’s got to be fully recovered." The team uses the pools after every practice.

The HydroWorx InstaFit pools are up and running after they are set into place and connected to an electrical source at a rehab and exercise destination. If a sports or healthcare professional doesn’t have an opening large enough for these pools, they can be carried through a standard doorway and quickly assembled and plumbed on site, permitting them to fit into virtually any confined location.

These aquatic therapy pools are so versatile because no construction is required, and they’re completely portable. Portable enough to make the trip from Oklahoma to Florida on short notice for the FedEx BCS National Championship Game. Portable enough to amaze the country’s preeminent college strength coach and his team.


Nicole Biesecker
Media Relations


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