Happy Active Aging Week

Happy Active Aging Week

Happy Active Aging Week! This week 9/23-9/29 is the International Council on Active Aging’s, active aging week! This is an annual health promotion event created and planned by the ICAA, where many older adults will find a number of interesting things to do and learn. Seniors centers and retirement communities, parks and health clubs, nature preserves and dance halls, are providing and have provided a number of opportunities to help older adults to lead an active life.  Some common activities done during this week are listed below as well as on the ICAA’s website.

  • Healthy lifestyle presentations for diabetes, arthritis, depression and other conditions
  • Brain fitness and healthy mental outlooks
  • Health and fitness assessments
  • Concerts, singalongs, dancing
  • Group exercise, strength training,Tai chi and yoga
  • Games and challenges
  • Free food, prizes, coupons, pedometers and t-shirts

 Christine Shidla, Director of Wellness for Summit Place Senior Campus, has shared how her facility has been celebrating active aging week.

Summit Place is celebrating Active Aging week for the 4th year by offering a full schedule of presentations that emphasize fun and education.  Activities for the week include discussions on the Top 10 Heart Healthy Foods, yoga and balance classes in the pool, dance class, a bonfire with sing-a-long, smart phone and tablet classes with Senior TechRally, Heimlich Maneuver review, live Wabasha Eagle presentation, art class and skin care with Clinique, cooking classes, how to manage hip and back pain (in the pool with Cathy Hills), chiropractic care and much more.

We are excited Summit Place is using their HydroWorx 2000 Series pool as a part of their active aging week activities!

Person holding onto bars in HydroWorx poolAdditionally, Virginia Bishop’s story is a prime example of how the HydroWorx pool has changed her life and helped her become more active. From the case study video on our website, Director of Wellness, Nick Drey, of Walnut Ridge in Clive, IA discusses Virginia’s use of the pool and the impact it has made on her health. At the time of the study Virginia was 67 years old, diagnosed with MS and Parkinson’s disease and completely wheel chair bound. She was at a different facility prior to coming to Walnut Ridge, and she was told that her only option was to be in a nursing home. Upon hearing that and doing some more research with her doctors, she ended up at the Walnut Ridge campus where she begun to work with Nick in the HydroWorx 1200 series therapy pool. At the time of the video, he had been working with her for 2-3 months and noticed significant improvements.  At the starting point Virginia could not bear any of her own weight and the MS affected her left side, therefore affecting her posture. Since beginning aquatic therapy in the pool, her lower extremities have gotten stronger, flexibility improved, and her core strength has increased greatly. Increasing her core strength has then improved her posture and stamina, therefore enabling her to perform daily tasks as well as play the piano again! To get the full story about her amazing transformation, watch the full video here.

Happy Active Aging week! Keep celebrating by staying active!

Page Updated on: April 24, 2020


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