From Rehabilitation to Performance Training

From Rehabilitation to Performance Training

Hydrathletics, located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, features a HydroWorx 750 Series pool that numerous patients and clients use on a daily basis. According to Owner, Joe Stilwell, both staff and clients are raving about the aquatic therapy pool and it has become quite the topic of conversation in the area.

Hydrathletics offers water-based training and rehabilitation, as well as land-based training, for a wide spectrum clientele.  These may include:

  • Individuals who have recently undergone orthopaedic surgery
  • Clients who require pre-surgery muscle strengthening (Prehab)
  • Clients with weight-loss, toning, or muscle strengthening goals
  • Athletes looking to enhance their performance while prolonging their careers
  • Clients with new or old injuries
  • Older adults (65+ years of age)
  • Women during any stage of pregnancy
  • Clients with disabilities
  • Chronic pain patients

Rob Bagg, a CFL receiver for the Saskatchewan RoughRiders, came to Hydrathletics about 3 months ago originally for the rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction surgery on his left knee. Now Bagg returns to the facility for strength and conditioning sessions in the pool. Training in the pool allows for focus on proper technique as well as maintaining a large amount of volume without experiencing the strain and impact on his joints. He is able to work very hard in the water and get a challenging workout in while decreasing recovery time due to water’s therapeutic properties. The pressure on his joints has been removed because of water’s buoyancy, which made his recovery process much shorter!

Bagg continues to tell us that he is able to do everything he would on land, in the pool- ab exercises, running, sprinting and strengthening exercises.

“The greatest benefit is you can work extremely hard and increase your volume.  Your recovery time is minimized because of the impact on your joint and your entire body.  You can still do all of the functional running exercises that you do outside the pool as well as stability and core exercises while not beating up your body”.

When asked what the biggest difference is with running on land compared to running in the pool, Bagg says he instantly feels that he can run farther and faster in the water. Because your whole body feels so great in the water, he is able to push himself harder and challenge himself a bit more than he would on land, therefore making the results that much better.

Bagg says working out in the pool on the underwater treadmill is, “something that should be used not only for rehab but also to increase the longevity of anyone’s career or quality of life.”.

Pool Protocol

From a warm up run to catching a football while backpedaling to sprinting against the resistance jets, this CL Football player wasn’t kidding when he said he is able to push his body in the water. Watch the case history and pool protocol below!


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