First Look at the Utes New Training Facility

First Look at the Utes New Training Facility

First look at the Utes new training facility

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – The University of Utah is pulling out all the stops for their new training facility. The planning stages are already underway, and Director of Football Operations Jeff Rudy says the facility can’t get here fast enough.

“Now that the talent level has changed, the competition has changed, the plans for the building needed to change,” Rudy said.

And change it will. With the addition of a video suite, a press conference room, cafeteria, and physical therapy megaplex, the current building will quadruple in size.

“Our current building we’re in now is about 30000 square feet, the new facility will be about 120000 square feet,” Rudy said.

They’re also going state of the art with advanced training systems like a HydroWorx underwater treadmill. The floor of the pool actually raises and lowers for the players to easily get in when they’re injured.

“If you look at the facility right now, we’re lacking in the sports medicine areas and being able to get our student athletes back on the field,” Rudy said.

This facility is not just for the football players, all 390 student athletes will be able to use it all the time. Rudy said that will be a huge draw when it comes to recruiting new talent.

“It’s a major deal for us and a positive thing for the university as well” he said.

We’re told the final price tag for the project is a whopping $22-million.

Click Here to get the first look at the Utes new training facility.


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