Experience the Difference of Revolutionary Engineered Water Machines

Experience the Difference of Revolutionary Engineered Water Machines

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Experience the Difference of Revolutionary Engineered Water Machines

When your client list includes the Navy SEALs, NASA, Manchester United FC and Cleveland Clinic, and you’re reaching 15000 patients and athletes a day, you know you’ve hit upon a concept that’s revolutionary. HydroWorx, a company that’s built its reputation on being innovative, has been developing water machines for therapy and fitness for more than a decade and contnues to strive to “up the ante” in its industry.

Anson Flake, co-founder and CEO, believes that the company’s newest offering, the X80 underwater treadmill and jet system, is a perfect illustration of what happens when professionals who are passionate about their business mix ingenuity with need. The X80 enables users to jog and walk an underwater enviroment, can operate up to 6 mph, and can literally be dropped into any commercial pool or even a natural body of water.

“The X80 is truly exciting,” says Flake. “Until now, facilities with commerical pools couldn’t quickly benefit from HydroWorx’s core products. Now they can have an underwater treadmill and jet ststem ’dropped’ into their existing pool space. It’s state-of-the-art engineering, and it’s transforming the field.”

Along with the unveiling of the X80 comes the recent introduction of the HydroWorx 3500 series water machine, a product with two side-by-side treadmills seperated by a space for a therapist to stand between the treadmills. The 3500 provides incredible advantages- most notably efficiency- for any client that anticipates training or rehabbing two individuals at one time.

How is this relatively small company from Middletown able to provide such ground-breaking products to customers in 50 states ad 12 countries?

Flake explains that the secret isn’t so secretive- the leadership team is just constantly on the road. “It’s mandatory for leaders at HydroWorx to travel,” says Flake. “It’s critical that we get into the field because it enables us to form relationships with our customers. It all starts with listening and we can’t do that if we’re sitting behind desks.”

HydroWorx continues to be known as the technology leader in its industry, a designation no one at the company takes lightly. “We’re focused on creating amazing products… then making them even better after geting feedback from customers,” notes Flake. “That’s our niche.”


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