Aquatics On-Demand Webinar Is Perfect for Clinical Practice Research Buffs

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Many regular HydroWorx webinar attendees know that we’re always happy to supply as much information as possible with our hour-long online events.  Recently, presenter Dr. Kristina Stanich, Director of Physical Therapy at Michael Johnson Performance, in McKinney, Texas, delivered an abundance of relevant information during “The Impact of Aquatics on the Clinical Practice of Physical Therapy”.  During […]

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Aquatics For Balance and Strength Training Webinar Recap

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What physical or occupational therapist isn’t looking for unique ways to safely improve patient outcomes while following scientifically-proven protocols? The recent webinar, “Use of Aquatics for Balance and Strength Training Programs,” offered just that to viewers thanks to presenter Rachel McDermott sharing tips she’s learned from her 18+ years as a PTA and 8+ years as the Director […]

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The Impact of Aquatics on Distance Running Webinar On-Demand

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Last month, we hosted a webinar titled, “The Impact of Aquatics on Distance Running.” In this webinar, Pete Julian, Assistant Coach of the Oregon Project Running Team, presented the various ways that he and the coaching staff use water in their athletes’ regular training programs. The Oregon Project was created as a way to get Americans back on […]

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HydroWorx Bubble Busters: MUSCLE LOSS With Age? No Way!

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It’s time for another HydroWorx Bubble Busters installment! These posts use science to break through the commonly-held falsehoods related to using water for performance, rehabilitation and exercise. Today, we’re investigating the ability for those over the age of 55 to increase muscle strength.  One of the biggest myths that we’ve all heard is that as seniors […]

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On March 8, 2016, we hosted the webinar, “Geriathletics: Training Competitive Athletes Over 65 with High Intensity Underwater.” Mike Studer, President and Co-owner of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates located in Salem, Oregon, presented key information to tailor aquatic programs for senior competitive senior athletes involved in activities such as recreational running and even triathlons. Mike has been […]

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Developing, Opening and Managing a Successful Aquatic Therapy Program Webinar On-Demand

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On February 24, 2016, we hosted the webinar, “Developing, Opening and Managing a Successful Aquatic Therapy Program.”  Kathleen Kristoff, Regional Director, Athena Therapy located in Hudson, Ohio, presented key things to consider when developing an aquatic therapy program. Kathleen has started a few aquatic programs at different locations and provided many lessons learned and success tactics. The goal of […]

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Therapeutic Versatility and Value of Aquatic Therapy Webinar On-Demand

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On January 28, 2016, we hosted the webinar, “Therapeutic Versatility and Value of Aquatic Therapy.” Dan Siedler, PT, MS, Executive Director of WSPT located in Bronx, NY, presented about the versatility of aquatic therapy, specifically related to how he utilizes it at his clinic in New York. WSPT sees a variety of patient types from high level athletes […]

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Syndesmotic Ankle Reconstruction Using Aquatic Therapy Webinar is On-Demand

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On February 11, 2016, we hosted a webinar titled, “Rehabilitation of Offensive Linemen Utilizing Aquatic Therapy Following Syndesmotic Ankle Reconstruction.” In this webinar, Brian Lund, MS, ATC, LAT,  Assistant Athletic Trainer for Football, University of Wisconsin, located in Madison, WI, presented on the unique rehabilitation methods utilized to treat a University of Wisconsin football player after syndesmotic ankle reconstruction. A syndesmotic ankle […]

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Adding aquatic therapy to any facility can offer great advantages for you and your patients. It is important to have a good plan in place to create a successful program for your investment. Getting advice from people who have gone before you on the path can be incredibly insightful. Join us on February 24, 2016 […]

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Hydrotherapy for Pro Athletes After ACL Reconstruction Webinar On-Demand

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On January 14, 2016, we hosted a webinar titled, “The Use of Hydrotherapy in the Rehabilitation of Professional Athletes Post-ACL Reconstruction.” In this webinar, Ryan Bitzel, MPT, Rehabilitation Coordinator for the San Diego Padres, located in San Diego, CA with a spring training facility in Peoria, AZ, presented on his aquatic therapy strategies used during ACL reconstruction for professional athletes, specifically baseball […]

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