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Randolph YMCA is Now Offering the Future of Fitness: A Pain Free Way to Exercise!

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On Saturday, Murphy Grant, Director of Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer from the University of Kansas,offered an unbelievable 45-minute pool workout for Randolph YMCA members. This fall the Y became the proud owners of three X80 portable underwater treadmills that were placed in their warm water therapy pool.  The bootcamp was meant to […]

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NJ Nets Star uses Aquatic Therapy for Right Foot Injury

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The last thing an athlete wants is to be injured, especially during the season where not playing in a game could put your team in jeopardy.  That is exactly what has happened to NJ Nets center, Brook Lopez. On December 21st Lopez fractured his fifth metatarsal in his right foot, during the Nets second preseason […]

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All Steelers Fans Have Their Eyes on Roethlisberger

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In anticipation of tonight’s MNF duel between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers, everyone is wondering just what will happen with Roethlisberger. After being questionable with a Grade 1 Ankle Sprain, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that the Steelers quarterback will play in tonight’s game. Some people are doubting Roethlisberger’s ability to put […]

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What’s Your Workout: HydroWorx Pool

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For members at Results the Gym, working out in the HydroWorx 500 is their preferred training method. NBC Washington reports. View videos at: https://nbcwashington.com.

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Underwater Treadmill Training Offers Running Advantage

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After his highly-public move to the states to train with Alberto Salazar and the Oregon Project, Mo Farah continues to break records. People are beginning to wonder just what he is doing to give him that extra edge. Mo and Alberto have credited HydroWorx underwater running as a tool used to help push Mo and […]

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Obesity Tackled with Underwater Treadmill Workouts

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When an adult has a BMI of over 25, he or she is considered clinically obese. And the higher that BMI, the harder it is to work out in a land-based environment.

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Mavs’ GM Talks Butler Underwater Treadmill Therapy in Interview

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Great article from sports radio interview… especially since it makes mention of the Dallas Mavs’ HydroWorx underwater treadmill!

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HydroWorx "Tank" is wowing APTA Attendees!

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Guest Blogger & Masters Runner, Nick Berra, Shares His Experience on the Track and in the Water

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As a 41-year old runner, I am well aware of the limitations I face as I attempt to remain competitive.  Like most masters athletes, not only do I not have the time or support structure of a collegiate or post-collegiate runner, but even if I did, I don’t think that I would be able to handle the […]

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World-Class Runner Alan Webb Talks HydroWorx Training

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Take one world-class runner who’s had a series of injuries, add a HydroWorx pool, and what do you get?

A recipe for a comeback of Olympic proportions!

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