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Multiple Sclerosis Case Study from Perform at St. George’s Park

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St. George’s Park, located in the heart of England is the home of the new National Football Centre and much more! This center is the training base for the 24 England teams and features a Hilton and Hampton Hotel. Additionally, the football centre includes a full-sized indoor football pitch, a 60m by 40m multi-purpose indoor sports […]

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Free Aquatics Webinar! Sign up Today!

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Next Thursday, May 30th from 1:00-2:00pm EST, Kim Eichinger, Executive Director of Fitness for Country Meadows Retirement Communities and Teresa Rudy, Fitness Director for Country Meadows of Leader Heights, will be presenting a free online webinar titled, Creative Aquatic Programming to Improve Balance & Mobility.   When a workout becomes routine, participation lags and exercisers don’t make progress. You can […]

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Facility Spotlight: Utah State University

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Those who have visited or are familiar with Utah State University are very aware of the beauty this campus holds. Located in Logan, Utah  just 15 minutes away from two mountain ranges, this University is breathtaking. In addition to the landscape, building structure and geographic location, USU, provides “top-notch academics, nationally recognized research, Division I athletics and more than 200 […]

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Happy National Runners Month!

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There’s a “month” for everything these days and we’re not sure how legit “National Runner’s Month” is, but we’ll “run” with the theme anyway! The following is a post written by, Mike Studer, PT, MHS, NCS, CEEAA, and President and co-owner of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, in Oregon. Studer offers informative and timely information for all you […]

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Untraditional Weight Loss "Program"

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You can’t categorize everyone that is looking to lose weight into one box. Some are looking to lose 10 pounds, others 100.  Some are doing so for health reasons, others for self-confidence. Some find it easy, others find it hard.  Some want to diet, others want to exercise. But there are a couple reasons that […]

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Aquatic Conditioning for Your Core

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Sports Performance Training is becoming more and more popular everyday, but what is it? According to the Sports Medicine Training Center, “the goal of sports performance training is to enhance your performance in competition to make you more successful in your chosen sport. It differs from personal training in which the primary goal is usually […]

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Diving into Sports Aquatic Therapy

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A few weeks ago we dove a little deeper into the definition and benefits of aquatic therapy. But what about ‘sports aquatic therapy’? Is there a difference? From the previous post, we learned that aquatic therapy is simply physical therapy that is performed in the water. Then the easiest definition of ‘sport aquatic therapy’ is […]

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HydroWorx is heading to London!

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HydroWorx is on the move, and heading to the UK again! Last month our international director, Kim Willing, traveled to the lovely St. George’s Park and National Football Centre for the 2-day event, MDT 2013. The event went beautifully and even featured a brief demonstration in the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool, by our very own, […]

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The Importance of Aquatics at MCB Camp Pendleton

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The following post has been adapted and summarized from the recent article, “Take the Plunge: Camp Pendleton Pools Provide Ideal Setting for Fitness, Healing” in the March Issue of Government Recreation and Fitness Magazine. MCB Camp Pendleton is a Marine Corps Base located in California filled with men and women dedicated to serving our country. The base has a Hope and […]

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Using the Power of Water for Knee Rehabilitation

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Rehabbing injuries following a surgery can be a challenge for many reasons and for both the patient and therapist. Therapists want nothing more than to help their patients heal and get healthy, but patients often experience pain and discomfort on a daily basis. The surgical incision area is very sore, the muscles surrounding the area have become […]

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