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HydroWorx Top 5 Most Popular Blog Articles

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We enjoy being able to provide blog posts to educate and entertain our readers. It is always enlightening to discover which blog posts seem to be the most popular because it helps us understand what people are interested in. Based on our viewing stats, we know that people love blogs about athletes, knees and inspiring stories. Here are […]

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Back Pain No Longer Confines Patient to Wheelchair

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Diagnosed with Scoliosis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, bulging discs, arthritis and having no disc between two of her vertebra, Diane had become sedentary. Fear and pain began to accompany any activity she needed to perform. She was told that there was nothing more she could do and that she would have to accept continuing injections and […]

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Recovering from Back to School Training

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As athletes begin heading back to school, training and preseason practices are also starting up. It’s a good time to remember how important it is to recover from difficult workouts. In fact, daily recovery can positively impact performance and leave athletes feeling more rejuvenated and prepared to face the next day’s training. While it’s tempting to […]

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6 Ways to Generate a Return on Your Investment

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The following post has been summarized from the recent article on McKnight’s Marketplace titled, “Creating buzz around a new investment,” written by Rachel McDermott. Rachel McDermott is the director of rehab for Stonehill Franciscan Services.  Any major upgrade to a facility requires a great investment of time and money. Stonehill Franciscan Services in Dubuque, IA […]

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Muscular Training for Infants Using Aquatic Therapy

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Hima Dalal, owner and lead occupational therapist at Vital Energy Wellness and Rehab Center uses her HydroWorx 500 Series pool for many injuries and chronic conditions, however one of her specialties is also infant rehab. They buoyancy of the water allows Dalal to slowly strengthen and retrain muscle memory, addressing problem muscle groups early on. The earlier a […]

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Kennedy Krieger Patient Reaps Benefits of Aqua-Therapy

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The following post is summarized from the recent WBALTV video and article, “Aqua-therapy helps girl, 14, learn to walk again.” Those who have utilized aquatic therapy for rehabilitation or exercise understand the positive impact it can have. For one patient in particular, the use of water therapy has been life-changing. Fourteen year-old, Delaney Bosworth, was […]

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4 Advantages of Warm Water Therapy for Osteoarthritis

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Although osteoarthritis oftentimes causes pain and frustration, sometimes the additional implications compound the problem. For instance, individuals find activity difficult and painful so they slowly reduce their amount of exercise and daily activities. This in turn, can lead to weight gain and increased pain when doing even less strenuous activities. Although this is common for […]

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Maintaining Cardiovascular Fitness After Hip Replacement and Revision

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After two hip replacements and a hip revision, PE teacher, previous Paralympian and coach, Deb Sunderman used the HydroWorx 500 Series pool at ACCUA in Savage, MN to maintain her cardiovascular endurance and strength. After having the hip surgeries, it was difficult for Sunderman to stay active on land (unless she was running after a student […]

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The Healing Power of Water

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The following post has been summarized from the recent article, “Healing Through Aquatic Therapy,” published on July 24, 2014 in Rehab Management.  We all know that water is relaxing and therapeutic, but why? What is it about water that creates such a soothing environment for therapy and recovery? To start, the buoyancy of water aids […]

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Overcome Obesity with Underwater Treadmill Exercise

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A research study from 2009 conducted at Texas A & M University, shows the effectiveness of underwater treadmill exercise for overweight adults. The study titled, “Comparative Efficacy of Water and Land Treadmill Training for Overweight or Obese Adults,” was conducted in order to explore the efficacy of underwater treadmill exercise training programs by comparing changes in […]

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