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Aquatic Fitness Can Provide Relief for Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy can really wreak havoc on the female body. Most women, no matter their previous fitness levels, feel some form of frustration from their physical limitations, especially in the later weeks of pregnancy. Whenever feet start swelling, backs start hurting, or breathing becomes difficult, exercise gets more difficult to maintain. Aquatic fitness can offer a […]

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Happy Active Aging Week!

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Happy 2013 Active Aging Week. Many of you may be wondering what Active Aging Week is and actually that question ranked #1 on the most frequently asked question for this campaign. Here is what the ICAA (initiators of Active Aging Week) had to say:  What is Active Aging Week? Active Aging Week was initiated by […]

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An Exciting Track and Field Weekend Coming Up

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If you follow track and field at all, you know the upcoming IAAF World Championships  starting tomorrow are the next best thing to the Olympics.  And we’re plenty excited to see how Mo Farah, Galen Rupp and the rest of the Oregon Project team do in their races. BUT we, at HydroWorx, are equally excited […]

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Why Water Worx for Elite Runners and Athletes

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We know that water is extremely beneficial for rehabilitation, pain management, conditioning while injured, etc.  These uses get the majority of the attention, for good reason: they give us all hope, encouragement and excitement as we see visible improvements in people’s lives. But, it is also important to note, and no less amazing, what water […]

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Happy National Runners Month!

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There’s a “month” for everything these days and we’re not sure how legit “National Runner’s Month” is, but we’ll “run” with the theme anyway! The following is a post written by, Mike Studer, PT, MHS, NCS, CEEAA, and President and co-owner of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, in Oregon. Studer offers informative and timely information for all you […]

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The Importance of Aquatics at MCB Camp Pendleton

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The following post has been adapted and summarized from the recent article, “Take the Plunge: Camp Pendleton Pools Provide Ideal Setting for Fitness, Healing” in the March Issue of Government Recreation and Fitness Magazine. MCB Camp Pendleton is a Marine Corps Base located in California filled with men and women dedicated to serving our country. The base has a Hope and […]

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What is Aquatic Therapy Really All About?

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Have you ever wondered what aquatic therapy is all about and why we talk about it so much? Well, then this post is for you!  The web definition for aquatic therapy, is physical therapy that is performed in the water (yes it can be that simple). Aquatic therapy can refer to a number of different activities, but it is essentially […]

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Change Up Your Workouts with Underwater Boot Camps

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Kathy Fisher, aquatic director at the Randolph YMCA in Randolph, NJ, describes the process for implementing and instructing an underwater boot-camp in the Feb/March Edition of AKWA Magazine, (The official publication of the aquatic exercise association). Fisher believes in the value of educating members on the benefits of water and why underwater workouts can be extremely effective. […]

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New Year Calls for New Ways to Workout!

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It’s a new year, which typically calls for new resolutions and fresh motivation. If you are looking for a fun new workout, then we have the perfect video for you! Have a look at an aquatic boot-camp  run by Murphy Grant, MS, ATC, PES, CES (University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Medicine)! Its everything from dumbbell curls to […]

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Visit HydroWorx at the PBATS Conference in Baltimore!

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Today is the opening day of the Annual PBATS (Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society) Baseball Medicine Conference, in Baltimore, Maryland! Be sure to stop by HydroWorx’s booth, #112, in the Baltimore Hilton, to learn how baseball players can benefit from aquatic therapy too! About the conference: “The program has been designed for athletic trainers and […]

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