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College Sprinters Running Pain-Free in HydroWorx Pool

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There are at least two sprinters with Grade 1 hamstring strains from Akron Univerity, Akron, Ohio, who are running pain-free thank to athletic training in a HydroWorx pool.

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Grade II Hamstring Injury Soothed by HydroWorx Pool Workouts

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For athletes, a grade II hamstring tear means two things:

1. It’s time to start resting and then rehabilitating the torn muscle.

2. The sooner the hamstring heals, the faster the individual can get back in the action.

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Making HydroWorx Sport Training Twice as Good

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Thirty-second single leg hops.

Power walking against water jets.

Tricep extensions.

These are just some of the drills that Bobby and Ryan, Minnesotan athletes, do in the HydroWorx pool at ACCUA PT. Coached by Dan Kallberg who really puts them through their paces, the guys have a seriously hard workout (shown in this video.)

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Guest Blogger & Masters Runner, Nick Berra, Shares His Experience on the Track and in the Water

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As a 41-year old runner, I am well aware of the limitations I face as I attempt to remain competitive.  Like most masters athletes, not only do I not have the time or support structure of a collegiate or post-collegiate runner, but even if I did, I don’t think that I would be able to handle the […]

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Basketball Drills in a HydroWorx Pool Are a Slam Dunk!

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If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a new drill for basketball players who want to up their game, check out the HydroWorx video below.

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World-Class Runner Alan Webb Talks HydroWorx Training

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Take one world-class runner who’s had a series of injuries, add a HydroWorx pool, and what do you get?

A recipe for a comeback of Olympic proportions!

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HydroWorx Training Tip – Utah State Offensive Line Drills

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Mix football, workouts and water and what do you get? Offensive line drill training in a HydroWorx physical therapy pool, of course!

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HydroWorx Friends in the News – Phillies Prepare for MLB World Series 2010

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Yup, Philadelphia’s hometown Major League Baseball team is on the road to the World Series! After cementing their greatness during Sunday’s game, the Phillies are set to tackle their American League opponent and avoid a repeat of their 2009 loss against the NY Yankees.

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Welcome to the HydroWorx Blog!

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It’s a pool party!  We’re celebrating our new blog, in the pool of course!  Make our HydrWorx blog your favorite place to stop in to read the latest aquatic success stories, news about our customers and the newest information on our latest innovations.

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