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Oregon Duck Tight End is Redefining What is Possible

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The following blog post has been summarized from the recent NBC Sport article, “Duck TE Pharaoh Brown nearly had lower leg amputated,” published on February 25, 2015. Many articles have recently been written about the inspiring comeback story of Oregon Duck, TE Pharaoh Brown. Brown’s injury occurred this past November in a game against Utah, […]

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The Value of Water for a Collegiate Distance Runner

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In a collegiate setting, hydrotherapy is often used for the football, baseball and basketball players. At the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, even the cross country and track and field teams use hydrotherapy almost daily to help transition runners with musculoskeletal injuries back to full running. Zach Sanchez, ATC, works with the men’s and women’s cross country teams […]

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Canada Olympic Park’s New Addition Includes Hydrotherapy

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Canada Olympic Park was originally created for the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary, Alberta, where hundreds of athletes from 57 different countries competed for gold. Although those games have come and gone, Canada Olympic Park is still going strong. Now owned and operated by Winsport, a non-profit organization dedicated to becoming the world’s leading sport institute, […]

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Research Shows Underwater Treadmill Training is Valuable for Athletes

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Numerous studies have shown the benefits of running underwater and using an underwater treadmill. One study, in particular, done by the Division of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance from the University of Idaho ‘investigated the cardio-respiratory responses elicited during maximal-effort runs’ using an underwater treadmill and a land treadmill. There were 23 ‘recreationally competitive […]

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Achilles Tendon Rehab for MLS Soccer Player

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The recovery from an achilles tendon rupture can be long and painful, especially when it happens in the first game of a season. Jay DeMerit of the Vancouver Whitecaps, experienced just that, only 6 minutes into the start of the 2013 season. Thankfully he had access to the amazing staff and facilities at Fortius Sport […]

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Diving Deeper into Athlete Rehabilitation

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When an athlete gets injured, the physical rehabilitation is crucial to getting them back to their sport in a safe and efficient manner. The physical tasks are often more grueling than training, as athletes work to increase their strength and slowly return to normal function. Unlike practice during the season, with games and competitions interspersed, […]

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5 Ways Hydrotherapy Can Impact an Athlete's Rehab

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Getting an athlete back into the competition is extremely important at all levels, from professional to recreational. There are often financial, team and personal implications when recovering from an injury. Warm water hydrotherapy combined with state-of-the-art technology can create some impressive advantages for rehabilitating athletes, getting them back faster and stronger. Here are just 5 […]

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Severe Ankle Injury Case Study from St. George’s Park

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The 2014 World Cup was disappointing for the England Senior Men’s Team for many reasons. For England fans, hopes of a medal began to fade quickly after falling to Italy and then Uruguay. The results were more upsetting for some than others, but it may have been most disappointing for physiotherapist, Gary Lewin. Lewin had his trip to […]

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Upcoming Webcast: Strategies to Perfect Upper Body Rehab Outcomes with Aquatic Therapy

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Often, the use of hydrotherapy for shoulder rehab is overlooked. Many people think that there is not much that water can do better than land therapy for shoulders. But we are finding more and more clinicians that are using water for upper body rehabilitation with great results! Join us for an exciting webcast, streaming live from […]

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ACL Protocol for First Hydrotherapy Session Post-Op

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The experts at Michael Johnson Performance (MJP) rely on aquatic therapy for almost all of their clients who are undergoing rehabilitation. Director of Rehab, Lorenzo Vite, feels that practically any injury is a candidate for aquatic therapy during their rehab. At MJP, they not only use hydrotherapy for the rehabilitation it offers, but also as a […]

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