An Interview with Dr. Bruce Becker, an Aquatic Textbook Author

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A new textbook was recently published, titled “The Use of Aquatics in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation and Physical Conditioning,” written by leaders in the sport & exercise and orthopedic industries. This textbook represents a new generation of rehabilitation that is informative enough to be injury and sports specific. Dr. Kevin E. Wilk, PT, DPT, FAPTA and […]

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An Exciting Track and Field Weekend Coming Up

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If you follow track and field at all, you know the upcoming IAAF World Championships  starting tomorrow are the next best thing to the Olympics.  And we’re plenty excited to see how Mo Farah, Galen Rupp and the rest of the Oregon Project team do in their races. BUT we, at HydroWorx, are equally excited […]

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Fantastic Four

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What a remarkable finish! Last week, on Wednesday July 17th,  the 32nd Annual Millers Mutual Harrisburg Mile took place. This race is one of the most popular and well attended in the Central Pennsylvania area, and this year HydroWorx had 4 special runners competing. The 4 members of the newly formed HydroWorx Track Club. Nick Berra, […]

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Marathon Training: From Rehabilitation to Performance

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Nicole is an avid runner who has participated in multiple half-marathons and marathons. While training for a half marathon last year, she developed a painful injury with a pretty technical name: posterior tibialis tendonitis. This basically means she couldn’t walk for more than 5 minutes without extreme pain in her foot and ankle.  She went […]

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Why Water Worx for Elite Runners and Athletes

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We know that water is extremely beneficial for rehabilitation, pain management, conditioning while injured, etc.  These uses get the majority of the attention, for good reason: they give us all hope, encouragement and excitement as we see visible improvements in people’s lives. But, it is also important to note, and no less amazing, what water […]

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Nick Berra- "Everyone Needs a Pool"

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The following guest post is taken from a recent entry titled, “Everyone needs a Pool!” from elite masters runner Nick Berra’s blog. As a longtime HydroWorx user and masters track athlete, I have made the underwater treadmill the cornerstone of my training program for several years now.  I have found that at my age my body just isn’t […]

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Happy National Runners Month!

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There’s a “month” for everything these days and we’re not sure how legit “National Runner’s Month” is, but we’ll “run” with the theme anyway! The following is a post written by, Mike Studer, PT, MHS, NCS, CEEAA, and President and co-owner of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, in Oregon. Studer offers informative and timely information for all you […]

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Upcoming Free Webinar. Sign Up Today!

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In less than two weeks HydroWorx will be hosting a free online webinar presented by specialists from Michael Johnson Performance (MJP). The philosophy at Michael Johnson Performance is simple. Their “programs are based on proven success and designed to help athletes of every ability achieve their goals and reach improved levels of success in their sport. Whether you […]

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Untraditional Weight Loss "Program"

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You can’t categorize everyone that is looking to lose weight into one box. Some are looking to lose 10 pounds, others 100.  Some are doing so for health reasons, others for self-confidence. Some find it easy, others find it hard.  Some want to diet, others want to exercise. But there are a couple reasons that […]

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Diving into Sports Aquatic Therapy

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A few weeks ago we dove a little deeper into the definition and benefits of aquatic therapy. But what about ‘sports aquatic therapy’? Is there a difference? From the previous post, we learned that aquatic therapy is simply physical therapy that is performed in the water. Then the easiest definition of ‘sport aquatic therapy’ is […]

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