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Aquatics for Track & Field

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As with many sports, aquatic therapy and its prowess as a game-changing modality has influenced world-class track & field athletes. Underwater treadmill training is trusted across running circles from professional running teams, such as the Oregon Project, to college track and field teams, like Liberty University, to recreational runners needing a low-impact alternative to high […]

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HydroWorx Athletes Summer Recap

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HydroWorx was honored to have a number of elite athletes, who have used our products for training, rehabilitation and recovery, represent their respective countries in Rio. We proudly cheered them on in early August and continue to do so as they compete elsewhere. In case you missed the live events, here is a recap of how […]

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The Impact of Aquatics on Distance Running Webinar On-Demand

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Last month, we hosted a webinar titled, “The Impact of Aquatics on Distance Running.” In this webinar, Pete Julian, Assistant Coach of the Oregon Project Running Team, presented the various ways that he and the coaching staff use water in their athletes’ regular training programs. The Oregon Project was created as a way to get Americans back on […]

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HydroWorx, a proud supporter of MLS and International Football Clubs

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HydroWorx strongly believes in the power of education. We strive to provide the most current resources, information and training for all who are interested in learning more about the value of water. Additionally, we attend many events throughout the year that also help us spread the word about water therapy, conditioning and recovery. One upcoming educational […]

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Increase Foot and Leg Strength with Underwater Running

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Running underwater has many positive effects: it reduces the risk of injury from increased training, improves cardiovascular performance, and helps the body to recover from hard training. Another, often overlooked, side effect of underwater training is increased muscle strength. A study at Texas A&M University has shown that resistance training plus aquatic treadmill training can […]

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Read "Underwater Treadmill Running" Today

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Underwater Treadmill Running: The Low Impact, Pain-Free Calorie Burning Fitness Advantage. Written by: Alberto Salazar, Running Legend & Olympic Distance Coach and Dr. Dennis Dolny, Professor & Department Head, Health & Physical Education This book is an informative guide for coaches, athletes or individuals looking to add another modality to their training routines. Let authors […]

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An Exciting Track and Field Weekend Coming Up

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If you follow track and field at all, you know the upcoming IAAF World Championships  starting tomorrow are the next best thing to the Olympics.  And we’re plenty excited to see how Mo Farah, Galen Rupp and the rest of the Oregon Project team do in their races. BUT we, at HydroWorx, are equally excited […]

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Why Water Worx for Elite Runners and Athletes

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We know that water is extremely beneficial for rehabilitation, pain management, conditioning while injured, etc.  These uses get the majority of the attention, for good reason: they give us all hope, encouragement and excitement as we see visible improvements in people’s lives. But, it is also important to note, and no less amazing, what water […]

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The "Secret Weapon"

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With the Big Games approaching, excitement for the runners and all the athletes continues to grow. As previously announced, a few weeks ago we had news reporter, Lori Burkholder, from WGAL, in the HydroWorx office with TV cameras capturing the runners ‘secret weapon.’ With the record breaking performances by both Galen Rupp and Mo Farah, […]

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To London we Go…Congrats to Galen and Dathan

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Friday night, the men’s 10,000 m Olympic Trials race took place, in Eugene, OR, in the pouring rain. Did that affect the Oregon Project runners, Galen Rupp and Dathan Ritzenhein? It certainly did not. Galen crossed the finished line beaming and quite soundly, about 10 seconds ahead of the next Olympic qualifier, with an Olympic trials […]

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