HydroWorx at the 6th Annual Rehab Summit

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HydroWorx’s summer of traveling continues! Next stop, Boston, MA! Cross Country Education is pleased to present the 6th Annual Rehab Summit! This three-day conference and expo brings together highly qualified rehabilitation professionals from multiple disciplines, creating an educational and networking experience like no other. This three day conference is held July 26-28th at Seaport Hotel and […]

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New Facilities mean New Amenities

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New facilities mean new amenities. An article titled “A ‘State-of-the-art’ veterans home to open near Asheville” was written just last week from the Asheville Citizen-Times. This nursing home will primarily serve elderly and disabled veterans. The 100-bed facility in Swannanoa has hopes of opening its doors within the next two months. The $20.7 million home, will […]

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Aquatic Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid arthritis is a well known but frequently misunderstood condition. Many people — even professional physical therapists — confuse it with osteoarthritis (OA), a condition that is similar, but stems from different causes and demands a separate treatment approach. Unlike OA, rheumatoid arthritis can affect patients at any age. It is not caused by the […]

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Next step for the Underwater Marathon? A Pep Rally!

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What’s next for the exciting HydroWorx Underwater Marathon? We will be hosting an exclusive Pep Rally in the Middletown office next week, on July 19th for our wonderfully generous sponsors. For this exciting event, we will have two very special guests. Alex Lincoln, Founder of the Eagle Fund, will be sharing fundraising and training tips, as well […]

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The "Secret Weapon"

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With the Big Games approaching, excitement for the runners and all the athletes continues to grow. As previously announced, a few weeks ago we had news reporter, Lori Burkholder, from WGAL, in the HydroWorx office with TV cameras capturing the runners ‘secret weapon.’ With the record breaking performances by both Galen Rupp and Mo Farah, […]

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Rehab for T4 Vertebral Damage in a HydroWorx

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HydroWorx pools can be used and are used every day for a number of different  reasons. The underwater treadmills can be used for training, physcial therapy, exercise, strengthening and more. In this particular case study, the HydroWorx pool is being used as a physical therapy and rehabilitation tool for a young 21 year old male, Brock, […]

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HydroWorx is on the Move. Next stop, Hershey, PA

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HydroWorx is covering a lot of ground this week. In addition to our exciting booth at NATA in St. Louis, we will be attending the 2012 LeadingAge PA Annual Conference & Exposition at the HERSHEY® Lodge & Convention Center in Hershey, Pa. We will be there June 27-28, from 10:30am- 12:30pm (Wednesday- Thursday). LeadingAge PA’s […]

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To London we Go…Congrats to Galen and Dathan

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Friday night, the men’s 10,000 m Olympic Trials race took place, in Eugene, OR, in the pouring rain. Did that affect the Oregon Project runners, Galen Rupp and Dathan Ritzenhein? It certainly did not. Galen crossed the finished line beaming and quite soundly, about 10 seconds ahead of the next Olympic qualifier, with an Olympic trials […]

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College Athletic Programs beat the Recession

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The following blog post has been adapted from the ESPN online article, “Arms race proves recession-proof” by Brian Bennett. Despite the difficult economy, college sports programs are continuing to build and expand. Numerous athletic programs break ground each year to add the latest amenities and make the highest quality improvement to their facilities and stadiums. […]

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Gearing up for the London Games with TV interview

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What an exciting day we had in the HydroWorx office yesterday (6/20) in Middletown, PA. We had WGAL’s ‘News 8 Today’ co-anchor, Lori Burkholder here interviewing HydroWorx’s CEO, Anson Flake, as well as a local up-and-coming track star. Burkholder, excitedly discussed with Anson Flake about HydroWorx’s role in the Olympics. The underwater treadmill was featured […]

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