Aquatic Therapy Protocols

Dan Seidler Shares Water-Based Exercises for Success

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Looking for a water exercise video? Here’s some footage you won’t want to miss!

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Learning about Pediatric Water Therapy at Annual HydroWorx Conference

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Looking for more aquatic therapy protocols?

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Awesome Video of Duke’s Kyrie Irving Rehabbing in HydroWorx Pool!

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Familiar with Duke’s “Duke Blue Planet”? If not, check out this video from the website… it’s Kyrie Irving working out in the HydroWorx pool at their facility.

Read More Recommends Aquatic Exercise for Disabled Youngsters

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For children with physical disabilities, life presents some particularly unique challenges. That’s one of the reasons that they deserve equally-innovative solutions to help them become as strong, healthy and happy as possible!

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Stroke and AVN Patient Finds Relief through Aquatic Therapy

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It’s enough of a tragedy when a 20-year-old has a stroke, but when her condition is exacerbated as a result of the medications she’s taking, it’s critical.

For one young woman, an unexpected stroke was only the beginning of a series of unfortunate medical outcomes. Due to the high levels of steroids she took post-stroke, she developed Avascular Narcosis (AVN), a condition where tissue begins to die.

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ACCUA’s HydroWorx Pool – Weight Loss, Stress Relief and Energy Gain

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For many people, New Year’s resolutions include a nod to health or wellness. Whether someone wants to lose weight, get in shape and/or just gain more energy to get through the day (without the reliance of tons of caffeinated beverages!), it’s a commonly-heard goal. However, wanting to do something and getting it done can be a challenge if the person’s workout isn’t rewarding.

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Aquatics Training Great for Imbalance

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The following post was written by guest blogger Mike Studer, PT, MHS, NCS, CEEAA, President, Northwest Rehabilitation Associates Inc.

Balance, like most any other impairment, must be challenged to be improved.

Strength, flexibility, endurance all require a sufficient stimulus that helps to extend the limits of the current capacity. Additionally, all of these impairments offer very little transfer of training from one environment or task to another.

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HydroWorx Training Tip – Utah State Offensive Line Drills

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Mix football, workouts and water and what do you get? Offensive line drill training in a HydroWorx physical therapy pool, of course!

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