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Men’s Field Hockey Hamstring Strain Case Study

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The Canadian Men’s Field Hockey Team (Red Caribou) was looking for a comeback this year after missing previous games. Despite dealing with massive funding cuts, the team persevered and made their run. They trained with Nick Held at Fortius Sport and Health Centre in Vancouver, BC and spent some time doing conditioning and recovery work in the […]

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The Impact of Aquatics on Distance Running Webinar On-Demand

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Last month, we hosted a webinar titled, “The Impact of Aquatics on Distance Running.” In this webinar, Pete Julian, Assistant Coach of the Oregon Project Running Team, presented the various ways that he and the coaching staff use water in their athletes’ regular training programs. The Oregon Project was created as a way to get Americans back on […]

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Aquatic Therapy Aids in Weight Loss for Patients

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Although obesity is becoming an epidemic in the United States, many people do not look to physical therapy as their first option for weight loss and getting healthy. Certainly lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet are typically the first ways to try and manage weight. Get exercise protocols for many conditions in the video library>> […]

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Spring Training Means Plenty of HydroWorx Therapy Pool Use!

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Whether famed groundhog and would-be meteorologist Punxsutawney Phil was correct or not, spring is around the corner, and that means baseball season isn’t far away! There are tons of ways that professional baseball teams prepare for spring training, including by getting their HydroWorx therapy pools ready for use. In fact, you may not realize it, but […]

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Active Aging Week: Increase Flexibility and Strength

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Happy Active Aging Week!  Each year, the International Council on Active Aging celebrates Active Aging Week to engage participants in wellness activities in a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere. Recently, Dr. Paul Hetrick, D.C., R.C.R.D., C.C.E.P., President of The Hetrick Center and Inventor of the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool, presented the webcast, “Aquatic Therapy Anywhere: A […]

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Upcoming Webinar: Addressing Potential Misconceptions about Training with Aquatics

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The benefits of aquatic therapy are becoming increasingly widely accepted. However, there are still some commonly held beliefs about the limitations of the use of aquatics, especially for athletic training and sports performance. Join us May 14, 2015 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT for the free webinar, “Addressing Potential Misconceptions about Training with Aquatics.” Lance Walker, PT, CSCS, Global […]

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Michael Johnson Performance Training in Brazil

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Michael Johnson Performance (MJP), based in McKinney, TX has been working with the Brazil Olympic running team and recently added the Brazil Paralympic team to their list. The Paralympics include athletes with various physical disabilities such as impaired muscle power, impaired passive ROM, amputation, impaired vision or intellectual impairment. Training these individuals brings about its own […]

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5 Reasons Underwater Treadmill Running Outperforms Land

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Running underwater differs from land running in many ways. Studies have shown than aquatic running outperforms land running because it provides many of the same results as land running, but with even more benefit. The natural properties of water offer benefits unmatched on land. Reduced risk of injury. The buoyancy of the water can decrease an individual’s body weight […]

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Reducing Overuse Injuries in Athletes of All Ages

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Overuse injuries occur in athletes of all ages and across multiple sports. From youth to professional to Olympians, the problem of overuse injuries continues to plague athletes who try to get the most out of their training. According to the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM), overuse injuries are the result of repetitive micro-trauma to the […]

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Spring Training: ATs Discuss the Role of Hydrotherapy

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Here in South-central Pennsylvania, snow covers the corn fields and roof-tops. Temperatures continue to dip below freezing.  Spring has not yet sprung. Yet, a few thousand miles south of here, the smell of freshly cut grass wafts through the air. Infields are raked and chalked to perfection and athletes prepare to don their spikes. Scores […]

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