HydroWorx Bursting Bubbles Episode #1: Think the Pool Is Just for Lower Extremity Physical Therapy? Think Again!

HydroWorx Bursting Bubbles Episode #1: Think the Pool Is Just for Lower Extremity Physical Therapy? Think Again!

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One of the biggest misconceptions in the field of aquatic therapy is the persistent belief that therapy pools can only help patients who require treatment of their lower extremities. The foundation of this myth is easy to understand- people take one look at a four foot deep pool and picture an individual walking in it. […]

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Introducing the First Nominee for the 2015 Excellence in Aquatics Award (SMED)

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When Duke University’s NCAA Men’s Division I basketball team won the National Championship this year, the team’s abundant talent was on display.  One player stood out in particular, a freshman rising star who snagged the coveted title of USBWA National Freshman of Year.  What many viewers didn’t know was that he could have been sidelined or under-utilized during the final four […]

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Upcoming Webinar: Creating a Scalable Business with Aquatic Therapy

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When considering opening a new clinic, there are many details to consider particularly for large purchases. One of the things to consider is if or how quickly the purchase will yield a return on investment and it’s ability to grow with the business. Join us May 28, 2015 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm EDT for the free webinar, “Creating […]

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Voting is Now Open for Excellence in Aquatics Award (SMED)

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HydroWorx is proud to announce that the polls are now officially open for the 2015 Excellence in Aquatics Award (SMED)! This award has been created to recognize those who have achieved exceptional rehabilitation results through the use of advanced water therapy. Determination. Innovation. Excellence. Sports fans everywhere love a good comeback story. The spirit of the game is […]

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Addressing Potential Misconceptions about Training with Aquatics – Watch this Webinar On-Demand

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Last week, Lance Walker, Global Performance Director at Michael Johnson Performance (MJP) in McKinney, TX, presented a fantastic webinar that took a look at some common misconceptions about aquatics and its usefulness for athletic training purposes. “Addressing Potential Misconceptions about Training with Aquatics” took place on May 14, 2015, and Lance reviewed some of these potential misconceptions and to what […]

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Dynamic Stretching Techniques

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Running season has begun, and with running comes a lot of stretching! Stretching is certainly nothing new runners, and many people have their favorite go-to stretches that they use to warm up before a good run. Often, static stretches held for 30-60 seconds are used as a way to elongate muscles and prepare them to move. Dynamic […]

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Customer Spotlight: Butler University

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Earlier this month we had the chance to visit with Butler University’s Director of Sports Medicine, Ryan Galloy, MA, ATC, CSCS, about the recent changes to Butler’s famous Hinkle Fieldhouse—one of the most historic venues in college sports. Jesse Owens ran in there, Herbert Hoover campaigned there, and Oscar Robertson led his 1955 high school […]

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Dairy Queen Donates Therapy Pool to Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

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What does ice cream have to do with aquatic therapy? Nothing. Unless you live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and you—or a family member—happen to be seeking aquatic care at Gillette Children’s Specialty Hospital in St. Paul, MN. Ice cream paid for their pool. Construction to install the new HydroWorx 2000 Series therapy […]

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Underwater Treadmill Walking vs. Shallow Water Walking: Benefits for Rehabilitation

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Drs. Dennis Dolny and Eadric Bressel from Utah State University, teamed up to evaluate the effects of underwater treadmill walking in a HydroWorx pool versus shallow water walking in a static pool. Their findings, backed by both raw data as well as underwater camera videos, support clinicians’ anecdotal reports that their patients and athletes who […]

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Upcoming Webinar: Addressing Potential Misconceptions about Training with Aquatics

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The benefits of aquatic therapy are becoming increasingly widely accepted. However, there are still some commonly held beliefs about the limitations of the use of aquatics, especially for athletic training and sports performance. Join us May 14, 2015 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT for the free webinar, “Addressing Potential Misconceptions about Training with Aquatics.” Lance Walker, PT, CSCS, Global […]

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