Aquatic Therapy Technology Bridges the Gap in the Patient Experience

Aquatic Therapy Technology Bridges the Gap in the Patient Experience

Owner of Peak Performance Physical Therapy Joseph Sullivan, PT, OCS, CSCS (an HSS Credentialed Advanced Hip Clinician), uses aquatic therapy technology to improve his clients’ rehab and health. With his years of experience working with patients from elite athletes with sports injuries to adults recovering from surgical procedures, he recognizes that aquatic therapy works wonders. After experiencing success with the technology of the HydroWorx 500 Series at their Lynbrook location, Sullivan chose to replace an existing product with the new HydroWorx 300 at their New Hyde Park, NY location.

Joe has been a long-time believer of aquatic therapy and the advantages of water’s natural buoyancy and resistance in assisting patients during rehabilitation. After installing a HydroWorx 500 Series in place of an existing therapy pool, it became apparent that aquatic therapy with advanced technology such as an underwater treadmill and resistance jets made a huge difference in the patient experience. Using these tools helps to bridge the gap between restrictions due to pain or weight-bearing status and pre-morbid function.

In this video, Joe mentions how aquatic therapy provides a good competitive advantage but having the underwater treadmill is really what put them on the map and landed them some key contracts with nearby professional teams. They get referrals specifically because of the advanced aquatic technology they can offer patients that allows them to begin healing faster and return to their level of function before injury or surgery.

To find out ways to gain referrals with aquatic therapy, download this tip sheet>>

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