Aquatic Therapy as a Pain Reducer

Aquatic Therapy as a Pain Reducer

Imagine a pain so intense that you begin to think that dying is a better option than living.  That’s the way Carolyn, 68, a rehab patient at Geisinger HealthSouth, Danville, Pennsylvania, felt.

Carolyn’s severe abdominal and thoracic discomfort as a result of a lumbosacral sprain had pushed her almost to the breaking point.

With the help of Tammy Frey, a member of the Geisinger HealthSouth team, Carolyn began a program that included aquatic therapy in a HydroWorx pool.  Over time, she became pain free.  Now, Carolyn credits the HydroWorx physical therapy pool and aquatic therapy for giving her back her life!

Check out the smiles and laughter from Carolyn (warning: they are highly contagious!) in this vid:


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