Aquatic Rehabilitation for Shoulder Surgery Patients Topic of HydroWorx Webinar

Aquatic Rehabilitation for Shoulder Surgery Patients Topic of HydroWorx Webinar

 Aquatic Rehabilitation for Shoulder Surgery Patients Topic of HydroWorx Webinar 

HydroWorx, the leading manufacturer of therapy pools with embedded treadmills, is hosting a special one-hour webinar on the topic of shoulder surgery aquatic rehabilitation and techniques.  The webinar, “The Power of Water – Aquatic Shoulder Rehabilitation” will be held on Thursday, October 10, 2013, from 1-2 p.m. EST. 

 Led by Veronica Paquette, “The Power of Water – Aquatic Shoulder Rehabilitation” is perfectly suited for attendees who deal with post-op patients like Wally.  

By the time Wally was in his mid-60s, his left shoulder joint hurt to the point where he could barely use his left arm.  It was at this point that he underwent shoulder surgery.  Just one week later, he started aquatic rehabilitation with Veronica Paquette, PT, in a specialized therapy pool equipped with variable-depth treadmill floor, resistance jets and massage hose attachment.  Through working with Paquette, he has not only improved the range of motion and flexibility of both his shoulders, but he ecstatically claims his left shoulder feels like it did “20 years ago”.Wally’s overwhelmingly positive experience with aquatic rehab is not unique.  Like many shoulder joint surgery patients, he had trouble with land-based activities post-op, but had no difficulty moving his new joint when in an aquaticenvironment.  Consequently, he was able to start exercises with Paquette sooner rather than later by embracing the therapy pool activities that didn’t cause him discomfort.  This early rehabilitation allowed him to start healing his shoulder in a way that wouldn’t negatively affect his other muscles, his gait or his ultimate range of motion. 

Join us on October 10th for a more detail on how advanced aquatic therapy can enhance your rehabilitation outcomes from shoulder surgery.  Topics to be discussed during the hour-long webinar on aquatic therapy and shoulder rehabilitation include: 

·         The physical properties of water, and how water impacts the treatment and recovery of shoulder surgery patients.

·         An explanation of how to identify the patient populations who can most benefit from aquatic rehabilitation.

·         A discussion of the wide variety of standing, supine and prone aquatic exercises specific to shoulder/upper extremities.

·         Information on the suggested progression of aquatic rehabilitation activities.  (All attendees of this webinar will receive a treatment flow sheet to use with their clients.)

 Paquette brings her years of expertise to “The Power of Water – Aquatic Shoulder Rehabilitation”.  As a physical therapist and owner of Essex Aquatic & Rehab Center, Essex Junction, Vermont, she has practiced since 1990.  Her stated passion is to treat patients like Wally in an aquatic medium.  She is certified through the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute, as well as the Postural Restoration Institute.

 Registration for “The Power of Water – Aquatic Shoulder Rehabilitation”can be made at




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