3 Tips for Adding Aquatic Therapy to Your Practice

3 Tips for Adding Aquatic Therapy to Your Practice

Last month, Intermountain Healthcare’s Keith Cook of McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, UT was featured in APTA’s PT in Motion magazine. In the article, titled “3 Tips for Adding Aquatic Therapy to your Practice,” Keith unpacked how his team developed a highly successful aquatics program and paid off their pool investment in three years.

Below is a swift recap of Keith’s article, coupled with ROI resources, video and links for those interested in determining the viability of instituting an aquatic program in a specific location.

Keith’s main points of discussion included:

  • Small footprint need not be a deterrent.
  • Get buy-in from staff and patients.
    • Teamwork matters. Without talented, dedicated people, it doesn’t matter what equipment a clinic has. Including the team in the decision-making process as much as possible produces exceptional results. Patients are part of the clinic’s team, too. Survey them to determine needs and wants.
  • Sticker shock is real but manageable.
    • Innovative, quality products require an investment. Keith talked with insurance companies and showed them how McKay Dee would provide more effective treatment for patients in less time. He crunched numbers and ran ROI worksheets to ensure the investment would pay off.

Aquatic therapy can provide both superior patient service and tremendous financial profitability. Use this link for a preliminary overview of profit potential, using your clinic’s specific information. Considerations include capital investment, operating assumptions, patient volume projections, and 1 and 5-year profit and loss statements.

Also, our profit center Video outlines the potential uses of aquatic therapy in various settings and how to maximize the investment.

Want more info? The HydroWorx service and sales team are great listeners and put customers’ needs first and foremost in every discussion. They’d love to walk you through a more detailed worksheet and help you determine if aquatic therapy will work for you and your clients. Please don’t hesitate to call 800-753-9633.

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  1. Aqua therapy is the perfect alternative for effective exercise whose down side is high impact.
    If you can take a good workout and make it low impact, you’re basically keeping the good and tossing the bad.
    Example: Aqua Treadmills are getting popular these days and they’re selling well too.

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