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View our full line of aquatic therapy and fitness products:

  • HydroWorx 300

    The HydroWorx 300 Series is the benchmark for self-contained underwater treadmill systems.

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  • HydroWorx 3500

    The HydroWorx 3500 Series, our largest therapy pool, offers maximum versatility. This 12'x16' pool offers up to TWO underwater treadmills or a deep water well for extra depth.

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  • HydroWorx 2000

    The HydroWorx 2000 Series is the most advanced aquatic therapy product In the world. Equipped with a moveable floor and an 8'x12' underwater treadmill, you must see it to believe it.

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  • HydroWorx 1200

    The HydroWorx 1200 Series resistance pool technology is a quantum leap forward in aquatic therapy. This 6' wide by 9'6" long therapy pool offers the same features as our 2000 Series, including moveable floor and underwater treadmill.

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  • HydroWorx 750

    The HydroWorx 750 Series is a radically functional pool that can be transferred into any existing building with ease. This is 8'2" wide by 14' long pool includes our underwater treadmill and resistance jets as standard features.

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  • HydroWorx 500

    The 7'6" wide by 14' long 500 Series pool offers tremendous versatility at a remarkable price. Standard features of this pool includes our underwater treadmill, resistance & massage jets and multiple therapy work stations.

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  • ThermalPlunge

    HydroWorx's thermal heating units are engineered to distribute warm or hot water to relax tight muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins. Various sizes available.

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  • PolarPlunge

    HydroWorx's Polar Chiller systems keep water temperatures at a therapeutic 50° to help control joint inflammation and enhance muscle recovery. Various sizes available.

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All Products US & International Patents Pending

Professional Aquatic Therapy Equipment

HydroWorx offers a full line of therapeutic pools for rehabilitation and fitness professionals. Our products are used in healthcare facilities, senior living centers and college and professional athletics programs. We offer a number of products for different applications and budgets, as well as flexible above-ground options that require minimal construction, perfect for clinicians operating in a leased office or facing other space concerns.

Find The Pool That's Right For Your Facility

HydroWorx's professional line of water therapy equipment products is clinically tested to provide the maximum benefit to your patients. We've invested heavily in research in order to create a diverse line of product offerings designed for all professional applications. Whether your clients are elite athletes looking to maintain peak performance or trying to manage their pain through exercise, we have a therapeutic pool that's right for them.

Industry-Leading Support

At HydroWorx, we’re committed to the ongoing success of our customers. We believe that, no matter how well your business is doing, there’s always room for growth: a HydroWorx pool can help you expand into new markets and serve more customers.

When you purchase a pool from us, you’ll benefit from comprehensive design support services, customer service by trained HydroWorx technicians and marketing support that helps you get the most out of your investment. Our ongoing webinar series covers both the clinical applications of a HydroWorx pool as well as tips and strategies for expanding your client base.

Customers and Testimonials

You’ll find HydroWorx pools at some of the most elite athletic training facilities and sophisticated physical therapy clinics in the world. Our products are used by organizations such as the Philadelphia Phillies, the San Francisco 49ers and the UK’s Manchester United Football Club. NASA and the Navy SEALs both rely on HydroWorx pools for exercise and training.

Regardless of who is using our product, praise for the advanced design of HydroWorx pools is consistent. Kelly McFarland, owner of Premier Rehab Physical Therapy and Aquatics in North Richland Hills, Texas, calls our pools “an amazing state of the art option to incorporate into a patient's rehabilitation program.” Visit our Customer Profiles page to read the testimonials of more satisfied clients.

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